Today’s been hard.

Actually, this whole week has been rough. But that’s life. I’m ok. And I know that if I’m not ok right now, I will be soon. It’s one of my mottoes.

I’ve learned how to cope with negative emotions. Not perfectly by any means, but I’m working on it, always. I have to remind myself of the lovely things in life. I’ve taken up making little lists—things to do when I’m feeling down to cheer myself up, simple moments that I love, though often forget, feelings, emotions, words.

Today I chose to be alone. To sit with my cat, curled up under a blanket, sipping hot tea, soft jazz painting the backdrop… I’m reading and writing and trying not to worry. Trying not to cry. Changing my focus.

To the total silence before a storm

A cat’s purrs and a cat’s paws

To sunrises and sets

The first star of night

Early morning fog and the first birdsong

To old book smells

Candles on drizzly days

When a baby smiles

And rumbles of thunder in the distance

Or flashes of lightning right next to you

And the chill that rushes up your spine

The little things

Simple moments

Not forgotten. No, I won’t forget. I will remember. Remember and feel better. More whole. More alive.

I will look at my life and choose to see the lovely. 


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Published by Winter Mckenna