If you are on campus, you need to visit this place, and if you aren’t on campus, you need to go and see what the big deal is. Bier Craft Bistro Westbrook is the perfect, well-kept secret for gathering with friends to start the night off, or great on a Sunday as a weekend closer. We took the time to make a visit for Monday Fun-Day because it’s great to give yourself a treat to look forward to at the end of your first day back to school or work. The décor is beautiful, the staff are fun and the Leisurely atmosphere is delightful.

The exterior and interior of the Bistro provide a visual experience to spark your curiosity, complete with lights, water fountains and cozy, lounge style seating. The drinks are equally as stimulating. There are more options for beer than you can ask for, and they have a good wine and cocktail list. I had an individual size Sangria - which was the perfect amount of strong and delicious - because maybe you shouldn’t drink a pitcher on a Monday night.  Just have 10 of these guys, no one will notice...

The Menu is full of high quality fare (e.g. Oysters, Shrimp, Tiramisu, etc.), and this place is great for Tapas, Mussels and Wine! They also have affordable options for dinner, so you don’t have to act like a starving student. With fun, friendly staff who open the front door for you when you walk in, you are already set up for a great night.


Great Nights begin at:

Bier Craft Bistro, Westbrook at UBC

3340 Shrum Lane

Take advantage of the Seafood Options on the Menu, and complete your dinner with their full list of drink specials! Please note the above photo - Seafood & Gritz or someting - and then get out of here! So delicious. Gather your friends for dinner, Wine & Tapas or Beer and Apps. Bier Craft Bistro Westbrook is a definite place to go check out.

A hint of Lux for those living the student life

No one serves you this well but your Mom at Thanksgiving.


Published by Jennica B.