I awoke today early monday morning and discovered the power of the blood. You know how it is, early monday morning and you have all those thoughts running through your head reminding you of this weeks challenges. Its enough to make you want to crawl back into bed and rewind one day back to Sunday morning is it not? But then something happened, suddenly I remembered the blood of Jesus and every worry, stress and anxiety vanished. It was replaced by a deep confidence and security telling me that I might not know what will happen this week, but I do know that if I have the blood of Jesus then I have everything I need to meet this weeks challenges head on. If I have the blood of Jesus I have the solution to each and every challenge that might come my way this week, because the blood of Jesus has already given me solutions to problems I dont even know about yet. So why worry?

This week, or perhaps next week, I will get this months paycheck. As far as I know, it will be big enough to cover the rent for next month and give us some extra to live on until the September paycheck. But since my wages is garnished its not easy to say for sure until I have it in my hand. I also know that the guy who does our wages at work makes a lot of mistakes sometimes. Sometimes he forgets to garnish my wages, so the month after, he has to take double the amount to make up for last months. This does not happen each and every month, but sometimes. And when it happens, it makes my situation more challenging.

We are also supposed to get some money back on our taxes for last year. Not a lot, but enough to make rent for next month and pay the electricity bill for our new apartment. But it is a possibility that money could be withheld to pay of some of our lacking property tax on our house which we are now selling. And if that was not enough to begin with, one of our many collection agencies has taken a large amount of money from our bank account.

So I have good reason to worry..but then again..I am not worried because I have the blood.

The blood of Jesus is enough, we dont need anything else. And I have to admit something, I have seen more small financial miracles after my focus became the blood of Jesus and not tithing.

Being in this situation with our financial debt I have heard a lot of teachings on how to tithe and give my way out of debt. And we have tithed, and we have given, money we did not have to give in a way. Money we needed for bills, but we did it in faith. To be honest, after begun tithing, we have never been broke. We have always had money left. But we have not had any income outside of our monthly paychecks. But after we stopped tithing and just focused our trust on the cross, money have suddenly started to come in. Not a lot of money, but enough to keep us going so we have never been broke but we have actually had money extra to spare at the end of each week. That money did not just appear in our accounts, but the Lord inspired us to sell things we did not need.

So right now, as of this moment, we have not tithed for some months. And the strange thing about it is this, I feel the Lord telling me it is ok not to tithe right now. And to be honest, had we tithed, we would have had nothing left. So I am not telling you not to tithe, tithing is biblical in every way. But it is obvious to me when we tithed we trusted in tithing and not in the cross. We where told tithing, sowing would get us out of debt not what Jesus had already done. So we where to told to live under law, and get out of debt by law and not grace. No wonder we never saw any big financial miracles in our lives.

But after we stopped tithing, and we just trusted the blood and the cross, things started happening. Such as just yesterday, my wifes parents called and suprised us with giving us some money as a gift. We had not asked for it, but we definetly needed that money right now. We had just kept our faith in the cross and the blood.

So what we where trying to do through tithing and sowing can only be done when we trust in what Jesus has already done for us at the cross. I am not saying you should not tithe, but make sure your motive for tithing is correct. Make sure you are tithing not to get something from God, you are tithing because you have all you need in the blood. And your love for Him compels you to tithe so that others can experience the love you have in your life.

This can only be done when you forget about tithing, and only focuses on the cross. And then something else happens, then you will soon see the Lord telling you not to tithe for a season. The Lord has been portrayed by many preachers as a kind of Lord sitting up in heaven demanding money not caring about our needs. Thats blasphemy.

The Lord knows you need that money right now to pay your bills, so He is not expecting you to tithe if you have to choose between paying your bills or tithing. But if your bills are payed, if you have food on the table and money to spare, then He is expecting you to tithe and perhaps give extra.

So in our situation right now, we cant tithe. But we know we dont have to tithe to get out of debt and we dont have to sow money to get out of debt. I know 99% of the preachers in this world would tell you the opposite. But the Bible does not say that, the Bible says the cross and the blood has already provided for us, healed us, forgiven us and made us righteous. Not our tithing, not our giving.

So if you believe you have to tithe, sow, give  a love offering or do something to get something from God you are living under law and you are in fact not getting anything from Him. But if you believe you have it all, because you have the blood of Jesus, then you will also get everything you need.

Let me repeat myself because I know many of you will jump to the conclusion and believe I am preaching against tithing. I am not, the Bible says we are supposed to tithe and support the work of the kingdom with our money. But we are only to do so when we have money to give. If you dont have money you will still be blessed and get everything you need from God.

I know you will get a different impression by listening to a lot of preachings done today. You will get the impression that only the rich or those who does not care about their financial obligations can be blessed. And the rest of us, those of us who has to choose between tithing, sowing or money for food, and bills will be left out.

That is so untrue and not biblical. Its borderline blasphemy. God is not a respecter of persons, He wishes to bless and to serve everybody who come to Him in humble faith believing Jesus died for them. He does not look to your money, He does not care about it. He does not care if you are the wealthiest or the poorest person in this world. Perhaps Bill Gates is reading this, the Lord would not be impressed by anything he has to offer. 

The only thing that impresses the Lord is our faith, our willingness to trust what He did for us. If we do that, He will bless us beyond our wildest imaginations regardless of how much or how little money you give to His kingdom. 

As I previously said, I am not preaching against tithing. But I am telling you what happened to us. When we stopped tithing and started trusting the Lord things started happening. 

But then we cant get past the words of God that says we are to support His Kingdom financially. And God commands those who are being fed by His servants to support His servants financially. (1Cor 9:14). 

Imagine what would happen if everybody whom the Lord had called to preach the gospel, could live by preaching the gospel? 

That would mean we could devote ourself 100% to the gospel, to preaching, teaching and to be of service to our brothers and sisters. But that is not the case for most of us, most of us who preach the gospel have to have another job to ensure our income. 

The gospel is free of charge, it does not cost money. But it cost money to spread the gospel.

I dont know what kind of financial situation you are in. But I know this, the Lord wants you to secure your own household first. If you have paid all your bills, there is food on your table, then you are to give to the Kingdom. 

But I do know this, there are many of you who would be considered wealthy. You would have no problem giving to the Kingdom of God. You could make sure your money was used to spread the gospel, to see souls saved, and still have more then enough left over to pay your bills and provide food on the table. 

If you have money to spare, the Lord expects you to share them with Him. And God will never owe any man anything, I can guarantee you will get it back with interests. 

So if you have been under the burden of "preachers" telling you to sow, tithe and give money to be blessed I am using my apostolic authority to decree you freed in Jesus name. Be free in Jesus name, and look to Him and see the one who died for you who wants to bless you just because you trust in Him. 

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com