motivation, what keeps you going?

is it the thoughts of your holiday, or gym workout? the quotes you see online?
goals you have set? the thoughts of the weekend? a glass of wine in the evening? are you money motivated? what tips and tricks do you have to share with your fitfam?

i know i have many ways to keep motivated and when i share them with people they are like ahh yeah i like that, that easy done i will try.. so here is a few off the things i do daily to keep me in high sprits and motivated, cause lets face it life does get tough! (but we are tougher!)


  1. being positive is key, waking up thinking about what you love in life, write down two things each day that make you happy and then re read the ones you did the day before, each little thing that makes you happy. they will then have a little positive impact on your day.
  2. i wake up every morning stretch, stretching makes me feel relaxed and ready if i have time i will do some yoga poses and breathing exercises.. this is routine i adore routine but one thing that keeps me motivated is switching up my training and food, i have different evening meals every night my mothers cooking is amazing, its something i look forward to every day and also with my training my coach can change my session any day anytime, i don’t know what I’m doing from one day to the next, switching it up is exciting.
  3. rest days! – your working hard yes but throw in a rest day! once you have had a day or days off from your normal routine you will want to get straight back to, back to working hard and pushing yourself even more.. try it!
  4. instagram and snapchat – now i know sometimes these can become bad influences as the saying goes “the girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like the girl in the magazine!” but i love looking at other running clubs and athletes online, looking at what their routines and regimes are to gain inspiration and motivation to try new things out. i love the real instagrammers the guys and girls that keep it real, and just show their true passion for their running, fitness or sport. check some out, I’m sure it will inspire you to go out and get shit done!!
  5. as i have mentioned before i always make a to do list which i love doing and crossing items off, it keeps me motivated, and i have satisfaction at the end of the day of getting lots done – i just love it – an OCD weirdo i know.
  6. i look at pictures and photgraphs.. basically my room is covered in pictures from my family, to my running, my pets, my friends, pictures are every where. i look at a few and think about when that may happen next and what i need to do between now and then. i always think back to how i felt at that moment and how i want to feel that again.. it some how makes me, get up and have a real productive day!
  7. i also look at quotes first thing yes cringe i know! but thinking about it you see the #monslay and you want to go out there and slay it and do the very best you can.. one quote i have seen lately during my change in career was “working hard for something you don’t care about to much, is called stress, working hard for something you love is called passion” this made me really think about what career and route i wanted to take. like i want to do something i enjoy while working hard!
  8. i always have my things out ready the night before, laid out ready to get up and go, so once morning comes around my training or work clothes or whatever I’m doing, is out ready, shouting “come on lets do this!”
  9. music!, music is a big part of all our lives, have music when your training your favourite workout tunes with you, have music that makes you happy and excited and makes you want to get up and work or train, it certainly gives me a buzz to go, keep a playlist on you phone ready to go!
  10. one of the main things that keeps me motivated is my family and my boyfriend making them proud and that makes me super duper happy, they are my true happiness. think of the special people around you.. think happy, be happy!


Happy Happiness!
Much Love J

Published by Jaydyne Overton