Monday  never sneaks up on us, it walks in bold and beautiful like the boss we all dread, but can’t help respect.

Definitely not like Tuesday, the human resource manager of the week who tries to calm you down, letting you know Monday doesn’t have the right to walk all over you.

Sadly, Wednesday swiftly comes in ruffling our feathers again; the bosses PA spying on you, keeping you focused on the task at hand.

And just before we lose our heads Thursday sneaks in, teasing and tickling our haunched shoulders into a smile.

Fast and furious like a passing tornado, Friday storms into the scene taking over from Thursday; emptying our pockets and sweeping us off our feet into ecstasy.

Crazy Saturday … need I say more, the boss is well and truly forgotten.

Then reality comes knocking it’s confused Sundays: you don’t want to let Saturday go, but you know Monday won’t stand for any silliness if you want your wallet full for cheerful Friday.

Just let it go … brace up to Monday, Friday will be back in your arms as fast and as furious as ever.


Published by Chioma Nwafor