The trees,

So green and beautiful

Making photosynthesis

To keep our lungs full.


The sun glimmers

Through the leaves.

Then the clouds come in front of the sun

Acting like cheeky thieves.


Rain pours down heavily

Leaving a fresh smell in the air,

Whilst birds nestle in the trees,

Feeling a slight scare.


Rainbows, so majestic

Put a smile on our face

A smile on all

Human race.


Why are they destroyed?

Money is all that some can think

Not about the beautiful flowers

Blue, purple, pink...

What else can some be called other than money making machines?

In front of our house we had a bit of a field, we couldn't go in it and there weren't much plants but at least there were no buildings there. Now a bunch of flats are being built and this was all I could think of. Plus, because of the polluted air, me and my sister get allergies so this will definitely not do us any good. And that is how I got inspired to write this poem :( .

Gabriella xxx

Published by Gabriella Borg