Since technology has come up with digital devices in terms of cell phones, gadgets, and the internet. It has changed the living standards of mankind. Today, you may have seen contemporary smartphones and gadgets of the different OS are capable of sharing their location with pinpoint accuracy. So, we can get to know about anyone’s location by asking for their GPS location. However, it is up to the other device user whether it is going to share their location or not, otherwise, you won’t be able to know that at all.

However, there are multiple groups of people that really want to know someone’s location for different reasons without asking the permission of the target device. Apparently, it is not less than a joke, but over the year there are plenty of locations tracker software are available on the web that can tell you about the accurate and current location of your target device. In addition, people also want to know about the complete location history of the target device user of a certain period of time.

If you are one of those people that want to monitor the location history of the target device then you need to use the OgyMogy monitoring app for cell phone on the target device. Then you will be able to know it within no time, but you have to install the location tracking app for cell phone on the target device prior to performing the monitoring of the location of the target cell phone device.

Install Ogymogy Monitoring Software on Target Device

Step1: Go to Your Mobile Phone or Computer Browser

There is no hard and fast role for that just you need to use your smartphone or PC browser and then you need to visit the official web page of cell phone monitoring app.

Step2: Subscribe for Cell Phone Location Tracker

Once you are on the web page then you should subscribe for mobile phone tracking app and you will receive an email with login ID and Password.

Step3: Possession of A Target Device Is Necessary For Installation     

Now you need to have possession of the target cell phone device prior to the process of installation. When you have the physical access on the target device then you need to start the installation process. Once you have successfully installed the phone tracking app on the target device then you need to activate it on the target device.

However, if you are really want to track someone’s location history then you can make your monitoring activities sneaky. Therefore, when you are going to activate the phone monitoring app on the target device a pop –up appears on the screen. You need to follow the instructions and make hide the icon of the location monitoring software on the target device.

Step4: Use Login ID & Password to Access The Web Portal

Now you can use login ID and password and further you can get access to the online control panel of the mobile phone location tracking app.

Step5: Visit Ogymogy GPS Location Tracker App

Visit the powerful features that enable you to track location history within no time. Let’s get to know how you can track the target device or person location and location history using mobile phone surveillance software.

Use Ogymogy Gps Location Tracker

The end user can visit the online dashboard of the mobile tracking app and further, you just need to visit the sync setting button to make sure all the GPS tracking tool are at “On” mode. In addition, you just need to tap on the GPS mobile phone location tracker tool and then you will be able to know exact, pinpoint and current location of your target device.

Furthermore, you can need to tap on its sub-feature of location history tracker. It will enable you to know about the location history, weekly location history and further empowers you to mark safe and restricted areas on the MAP for your target device. It means with this tool user can use it as for online parenting and as well as for to track employees location to whom you have sent outside the premises of your organization due to some working tasks.


OgyMogy cell phone tracking software is the best tool that empowers you to know about the GPS location and location history of your target with complete accuracy.

Published by Mack Aurther