People warned us about the monkeys here. As we did our stops before this, locals would ask where we were headed. And the warning was always of monkeys. We had to prepare ourselves. Our driver told us to keep our shades, jewelry or anything that could easily be dragged by those creatures. Time to see what the monkey craze was all about at this temple.

We prepared for the monkeys but they never came. Yet. More on that later. Walking along the path towards the temple was nice and a bit relaxing. As indicated in the ticket, Uluwatu Temple was estimated to be “established by Mpu Kuturan during the reign of the king called Sri Haji Marakata”. It was said to be “built as a glorification of his previous predecessor king, and the temple is a place of worship or a blessed place of Rudra as well as the glorification Danghyang Nirarta”.  

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