The first time I heard about the Purge I thought it was a very interesting concept. All crime being legal for 24 balance society's filth.

Then, I read the news today, yesterday, and the day before.

I thought it was just a movie.

But time and time again, murder felt legal. It happens on the daily and the media shines the spotlight on whichever carcass will evoke the most reactions.

That's not the point here.

We've decided to take sides before we decided to be human.

“Fuck them. They don't know how everyone else suffers just as much as them.”

“Fuck the cops. They deserve to die. How can they do that to the innocent?”

“When are we ever going to change?”

All cops are not monsters.
All people of color are not monsters.
All people are not monsters.
But the few have turned us all into monsters.

We've purged on the media’s perspectives and have fed on the thin line between innocent and guilty.

We've cleansed our filth by coating it over with lies and muck.

The next generation will know the word bodybag like the indents of their playgrounds.

They'll study about the Civil War that took place.

And I'm not talking about the North and the South.

We the people have made mistakes.

We the people, not just people of color, men and women in uniform, the poor, the rich, no...all of us, we fucked up.

I'll be the first to apologize.


Published by Luke Lee