so today's post is about those all important exams. Next month is the start of our official exams that are probably the most important I'll ever take and yeah it's kinda scary. 

6 exams in one month and with these you apply for university which as everyone will tell you determines how your life will go. 

i don't think I'm scared, not really, I don't really have a reason to be, for most of my exams there's no real fear of me getting a B or even a low A, maybe english but who knows, need to work on it a little but I have time, but for some reason I'm still kinda scared. 

Maybe it's hearing about other people, like my friend in australia who shut herself in a room for months and just studied straight, that was two years ago when she was my age and I just haven't really done that much. Or someone who had done 30 years worth of past papers for each of his subjects. I think part of the scariness is because of my goals, to get the best in Scotland, to get that 100%, it's a scary goal and not perhaps what I should be aiming for, putting it out there you get the apprehension of trying to hit the 100%, instead I should really be just thinking about doing the best I can because that freaks you out less. I think it is also symptomatic of other things like me being terrified that I failed my violin exam or not getting into this summer camp and all these other scary things. I'll finish here for the sake of brevity and because I have other things to do, like eat and do some english so adios suckers. 

Published by Kevin Li