You know it's probably time to get some help with your PMS when you've had about 6 weeks the passed 6 months walking around like a ticking time bomb.

 I mean, is it any wonder you're fed up when your monthly 'countdowns' have caused the following?:

- (Nearly) whacking the crap out of your laptop because it's 'friend' the Internet connection is too slow.
- Fighting the urge to stab someone with a pen for looking at you (or just breathing).
- Crying because your iPhone won't update fast enough
- Throwing your phone on the floor and burying your head in your hands when people text you all at once! ('Poor me' for being 'popular', right?)
-  Shouting at your phone for sending you notifications that won't disappear off your screen fast enough!
- Feeling like tripping the snail-speed-walking lady up in the corner shop for blocking the aisle so you can't get past!
- Fighting the urge to stay home in bed rather than going to work because just the thought of facing people, and having to cope with the daily 'pleasantries', is enough to piss you off!


I'm relieved to say there's a lot that can be done in my case. Rest assured it doesn't have to be this way ladies!... Well... In the future anyway... This month I'm still very much a PMS-Godzilla pending 'the flood'!

Published by Agnes G