Is about freedom.

On these days i was thinking about freedom.

And I realize, that I never been free at all.

My thoughts, were a jail.

And I learn that my only limit, was me.

I never seen that before.

My loneliness, is part of me, and I must learn to deal with that.

I started, a new phase, with a different me.

And I learnt that the only way to hear ourselves, is when we are in a loneliness state.

I’m not afraid, about my feelings right now, but I have to say that, when we began to hear ourselves, hurts. Because remember a painful moments, sadness memories, and invisible persons.

The Invisible persons, means that still live but never return.

Start a new phase, needs to several conditions such as forgive our past and forgive ourselves.

Start a new phase, means to say goodbye and close doors.

The moon is a gift.

The moon is in silent.

I need to quiet my mind, to start to listen my soul, to start listening my vibes.

A perfect space, is create a moon in these days.

Our moon.

See the moon, and see the goodness of our lives.

What I looking for? My own peaceful state of mind.

I need put in mute the whole world, to listen my real me.

What a greatness gift.

The moon, is my whole soul.

The moon is a ring.

I’m committed, to express myself and be free.

Goodbye prejudices.

Goodbye angry.

Goodbye low vibes.

The moon is inside me.



Published by Andrea Mazzei