Lately I’ve been busy exploring the world of solid foods. With practice, my understanding of the spoon has greatly improved. The timing of opening and closing my mouth is almost perfect. But most importantly, I have been discovering new flavours. My understanding of my preferences is expanding and I am learning what tastes good, and what doesn’t.

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Mommy read that babies need to be exposed to new flavours up to 10 times before they will accept a new food. That’s not true for me. I usually know what I like the first time I try it. Mommy keeps giving me the things I didn’t like on the first try. She hopes I will learn to like them. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Mommy says I’m not a very picky baby. It’s true that I like many different flavours. There have only been a couple of things that I did not like. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have preferences. I may like most things but there are a few that I love to eat.

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Is it time for oatmeal?

One of my very favourite things to eat is oatmeal. This was my first solid food and it has been a favourite ever since. You can watch me eat oatmeal for the first time here. I like oatmeal by itself or with fruit. Bananas, prunes, pears or apples work very well with oatmeal. So delicious!

Mommy likes to give me oatmeal, along with my bottle of milk, for my last meal of the day. It keeps me full all night and it doesn’t make me as hyper as fruit puree. Oatmeal is easy for me to digest, and it seems to soak up any excess liquids in my tummy. That’s especially helpful when I’m lying down.

My preferred brand of oatmeal is the one made by Nestle Gerber. Mommy likes it because it is organic and because it has no added sugar, salt, preservatives, or artificial colours. I like it because it tastes great. I always eat my oatmeal down to the last spoonful. It makes both mommy and me happy.

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