Have you put the finishing touches on your 2017 intentions?

Let’s take one last look.

As you glance at your list, has it unexpectedly become an inventory of stuff? The trip of a lifetime. The amazing new kitchen. The overflowing bank account.

It may be missing an essential ingredient.


What is “This”? The “I love it” moment. The good stuff. Without it, you’ll be chasing the next big thing in no time.

In the January series, Uncharted Territory, we’ve learned that intentions are our North Star. When we’re in the flow, connecting our head and heart, we find “This.” We have the clarity to decide “yes” or “no”, whether we’re trying to gauge a new opportunity or respond to the twists and turns of life, just like the people we’ve met this month:

  1. In “Don’t Rush the Reveal”, the business owner achieved her goal of finding more clients. However, she missed her intention of upleveling her business. Continue with the product? No.
  2. Keep Your Old Life” showed that a crucial part of a new vision is integrating what already works. Build on our successes? Yes!
  3. Don’t Go To Barre Class” revealed how accepting feedback and fine-tuning is a natural part of any creative process. Stick to only one way? No.
  4. A Brand New World” described how distractions derail us. Using affirmations to get back on track? Yes.

For author Steve Silberman, emotional connections are always “Yes”. Here’s his Facebook post about how to create essential bonds:

The work you do is important. I don't mean your job, though that may be important, too.

I mean the Real Work: doing your art, building community, finding ways to talk about what matters, asking yourself what it means to be alive at this moment in world history.

Taking care of yourself so you have the strength to get through this. Taking care of others, which can be a good way of taking care of yourself.

Helping other people find their way if they feel lost. Really loving the people you love. Treasuring your friends - not just having a beer with them but telling them what they mean to you. Telling your parents that you love them, if they're still here (they'll be gone after what feels like too soon). Teaching your children what it means to be a real human being and to shun prejudice and bullying.

If you're alone for a moment, look around, or just breathe, and appreciate that. Tasting the tea when you drink it. Preparing for your own death by being fully alive in this Now.

This, this. Even in this anxious time, this. Feeling your connection to everything around you, and gratitude before words.

If you’re going to make one resolution this month, resolve to be different. Declare that you’re not going to leave your intentions in a box until December; you’re going to live them every day.

Imagine yourself describing 2017 with words like fulfilled, engaged, connected, peaceful and compassionate.

Yes. More of This.

Published by Michelle Mains