This Elul, let's stop to think about Torah observance.

Torah observance is beautiful, and brings meaning into our lives in a way that nothing else does. Many of us have marvelled at just how much our lives have improved since we've placed the crown of Torah on our heads. It's true- once we begin to study, understand and adopt Torah laws, our life becomes purer and Holier. But not necessarily easier.

As such, this Elul, I want to be thinking about ways in which I can improve my observance in the coming year. Of course, it's simpler for me to just say, "Well, that'd be too difficult, and I think I'm doing okay with keeping the Mitzvot, anyway'- but who said life was simple? Why shouldn't I strive to be my best, and Holiest?

As Rosh Hoshonah approaches, I can't help but think about where my observance was this time last year. I definitely wasn't anywhere near as observant back then, and by increasing my observance over the past twelve months, I've largely found fulfilment and had some wonderful experiences. Why stop here? Why not become even better?

That's what I'm going to meditate upon this Elul. How I can better myself and serve G-d with greater devotion. What will you do?

Published by Lily Smythe