My Morning Coffee Contemplation on Universal Healing and Number 4 - Putting all the pieces together
We are living in a time where conqueror and conquered are putting all the pieces together - remembering how  we got here. The words conqueror and conquered may be difficult to hear, but a short search of world history will reveal it is not. In the US,  if you are of a certain race and status, you are a member of the conqueror group. If you are of another race and status, you are likely in the latter. Those who conquered have more stuff, move more freely, create and uphold laws and protocols to maintain their position. Those on the other end fight and absorb themselves into society to prevent annihilation. Of course there are many in between who due to short term memory and disconnect with their own history are sometimes not so sure how to best respond.
I've observed that spiritual people find it hardest to accept the ugliness that is the result of the aftermath of a world created out of the ashes of imperialism and genocide.  The most loving, kindhearted descendants of those who conquered this land try their hardest to forget and some even want to make many forget. Yet deep inside their wisdom tells them otherwise. They know they must remember otherwise it will be repeated. They know they are part of the solution yet often fear being the "black sheep" (no pun here) and pulling it all together.
Spiritual people generally when in balance are seekers of peace, but often forget peace does not come from ignoring atrocities from the past or present.  The pain we sooth  with denial today will be the burden of our children tomorrow. Informed spiritualist know the cycle is never complete, until the entire system  which created and maintains fear is re-balanced. This requires facing difficult truths. Those whose paths are in the realms of peaceful warriors, healers, and community mothers have a the hardest time. They often try to escape into spiritual shelters and stuff down the ancestral guilt or shame. However, once it is coded in our DNA it remains unchanged until awakened. Awakening is inevitable. The cycle of life demands it.
Let us remember in a world of billions, we are ALL descendants of those who were once killed and were killed. Brutalized and were brutalized. Raped and were raped. Not one of us can escape this truth. This morning I read of another suicide. Young, popular, seemingly happy and appeared to have it all. Those "demons" within wait for the right opportunity to make themselves visible.
The fourth reminds us to remember inner peace and world harmony has a cost and that cost is transformation of our personal issues and the elevation of our consciousness. Whatever was suppressed by previous generations always give birth with another until resolved. Left unresolved they lead us towards a path of self-destruction - conquered and conqueror alike. Ultimately this is reflected as world on all levels.
​There's also beauty in our number four. The re-creation number offers us the opportunity to make a conscious choice. Peace is not a desire that can be satiated with well wishes and loops of fashionable distractions. It requires peace-ing or piecing parts of our human puzzle together to understand the underlying motives which divides us from each other. It is through the nurturing of our fears and avoidance of personal responsibility that all people eventually self-destruct and many times take a chunk of this world with them.
We are our ancestors return to right the wrongs of the past. The four reminds us of this return from the north through the west (water, tears, transformation) to the east (light). When the sun rises in the west if for no other reason it is to undo the wrongs.  It is this backwards path that so many fear. The apocalypse that is the revealing of the past.
Many of you will seek increased balanced or harmony. Yet, harmony requires our willingness to contemplate the actions of your forefathers and remember each one of us is a wisdom keeper for future ancestors. Our descendants depend on us resolving our issues instead of passing them on. When we do not respond to our healing purpose, we push forward another burden for them. We may know we do not have to repeat the past. But unless, we choose to heal it, it will repeat itself.
No act against nature ever goes unbalanced. We breath in our enemies as well as those we love. Each breath contains the DNA of our environment. Those we love and those we don't.  We are breathing in each other and breathing out ourselves. This universal exchange guarantees that we are forever linked through the breath of life. The path we each choose in this lifetime creates patterns for universal healing or destruction that lasts generations to come.
We cannot escape our universal healing. It begins with you and me. 
If your role is a peaceful warrior, how can you begin to put the pieces together?
How do we right a wrong that we did not personally commit? 
​How to I perform ancestral healing?
​How do I deliver my gifts in this world?
Seek inner harmony - The number four is balanced number. It reminds us that a peaceful revolutionary must take care to seek balance within first and foremost and that takes time and real world work. You cannot get it from a book you must live it. While you can get a light transmission (spiritual initiation), you must still LIVE it. Otherwise it is dormant. 
Become more self aware - The number four reminds us to revisit our beginnings else we become part of the problem not the solution. A good place to starts is with raw self honesty by developing a process of critical self-analysis that is balanced. We build self awareness and avoiding escapism by learning to see yourself and our outer reflection as opportunities for healing our inner demons as well as celebrating our victories and enjoying our present.
Build courage - The number four connects us with the four chambers of the heart where courage lies. It reminds us courage is a four fold process - Self examination, determine causal responsibility, identify resolution or solutions, and take effective action. Realize you were chosen to be a healer for a reason and learn to build and rebuild the courage  unique to healers to carry through your journey. Understand what healing takes time, effort, commitment, and is a subtle process if we want it to stick through lifetimes.
Nurture and share your talents/gifts - Your talents are the gifts you came here to share with this world. They are not yours to keep and carry into your coffin, but yours to give away before you pass away. To share with those who lack those skills and abilities and help them reach a higher level of self-development. When we hoard our talents we deprive our external world from multi-realm healing potential that is embedded in all of our gifts. 
Don't limit your "ministry" - Too often self-identify healers are unaware of the wide spectrum of healing realms which is available to us all. Spiritual healing exist in all realities including the corporate office or school play. Opportunities to re-balance your lineage is present in all areas of your life. 
I help sensitive free spirits harmonize conflicting parts of themselves.  Reach out if you need support.

Published by Irmina Tutu