Tears streamed down my cheeks this morning followed by an uncontrollable weeping. Outside the rain fell gently upon my face mixing with the salty residue before washing them away. 

"What was this outpouring and where did it come from?" I wondered quietly to myself. 

Was it the mourning over the loss of the way things used to be, of glory days gone by? 

Or perhaps the manifestation of once fond memories from a time when everything seemed possible but now quickly dissolving before my eyes?

Callousness and contempt as brother continue to betray brother unto death have certainly left their contribution with me today. And as the world outside rages on I continue wrestling inwardly between two familiar opponents: hope and despair

These very real feelings that which makes us human charge toward me now with such raw and unfettered emotion like the force of rushing water through a faulty dam. 

Hope deferred makes the heart sick and the busyness of this life has made it all too easy for me to push aside those welcoming advances by my Creator for finding real intimacy with Him. 

Until now.

For the first time in as far back as I can remember I find myself now standing by the doorway listening as the gentle rain falls upon the trees outside. I watch as the calm wind blows through these once inanimate objects as if giving them life and thus causing their leaves to dance in spite of their disconsolate surroundings. 

God’s presence is here. 

I can sense the morning peace He brings as I gaze upon the gorgeous mix of reds, yellows, and greens that saturate the nearby foliage. Like a master artist, every stroke from His brush purposefully brings forth this colorful world and mine to life. And in this moment, in this very place I, along with time, stand still. 

Soon images of what once was and thoughts of what is yet to be spring forth from my mind and spill over into an overflowing cup of His many blessings. Seldom, if ever am I privileged to be still long enough to experience in one setting such varying degrees of human emotions.

Nevertheless, a smile breaks through the chill of the morning air as gratitude gives way to my place at the table for which my Shepherd has prepared for me in the presence of mine enemies. 

He restores my soul. 

And as we dine together, me with Him and He with me, my heart now rests assured that He is mine and I am His.         

Run to win,


Published by Dennis Miranda