“Well you’re early today! You’re never up before nine a.m. haha.”

“Hahh.” *

“How did you sleep?”

“Ugh.” **

“What are you having for breakfast?”

“Hrghm.” ***

“What do you have planned for today?”

“Mffmghh.” ****

“Is something wrong? You didn’t sleep well? I know, it was hot. I threw my blanket off the bed in the middle of the night and then in the morning my feet were cold! Are you going to eat breakfast in your room? Did you know that using your bedroom for anything else than sleeping is not healthy? Okay we’ll talk when you come out of there!”


* It’s half past eight what do you mean it’s early

** I went to bed at 2 a.m. because I was on Skype with my SD. Woke up three times because of nightmares. Had two midnight snacks that weren’t even at midnight. You know, the usual.

*** I don’t fucking know, I just woke up! Oatmeal or some shit, idgaf, just give me coffee please.

**** I don’t even know where I am right now, who even are you? Why are you talking to me stop being so needy and CAN I HAVE MY COFFEE PLEASE oh thank you k bye

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