Manchester United had a fatal blow this weekend as they were defeated by Watford 3-1. This isn’t United’s first defeat and it doesn’t seem as if it will be there last.

Capoue gave Watford the lead with his goal in the 34th minute and they managed to hold this lead over United for the entire first half!  It was only later counteracted by Rashford’s equaliser in the 62nd. However, it wasn’t long before Watford began chowing down on United’s hopes once again.

In the 83rd minute Zuñiga netted the second goal for Watford, giving them the lead once again. Then, all of United’s optimism was truly demolished when Watford were awarded a penalty in extra time, which was converted successfully into a goal by Deeney! Even in the last moments, Watford never stopped looking for ways to dismantle the Reds!

Manchester United lost their Europa League match during the week and now they have lost their Premier League weekend match. Mourinho needs to find a way to inspire a winning spirit in his new team or else they will succumb to the same fate that Chelsea did last season.

Published by Amarachi Orie