We are a world of different people, cultures, and belief. But in every culture, people fall in love. People meet that special person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. They wed and begin their lives together.

Everyone loves their own customs. Well, sit back and get comfortable while we tell you about some wonderful customs from other cultures.


When we think of the culture in India, we think of beautiful and vibrant colors. Men and women dressed in fine silk or satin clothes of red, gold, blue, and anything else that is bright. With the finery the Indian culture calls for, you can imagine how they do it big for weddings.

An Indian ceremony actually consists of many ceremonies. The wedding goes on for several days. For example, they enjoy a pre-wedding engagement ceremony. In this ritual, the bride and groom exchange rings. Then the families of the bride and groom exchange gifts and sweets. Another ceremony that happens before the wedding day is The Mehendi. This is when the arms, legs, palms, and wrists of the bride are painted.


During the wedding, the Var Mala is performed. This is when the bride and groom place flower garland around each other’s necks. In our culture, brides traditionally wear white wedding gowns. We may go a bit daring with colors by selecting gold bridesmaid dresses. But the Indian culture is alive with rich and bright colors.


Brides and grooms have often traveled to Mauritius in East Africa to honeymoon on the sunny beaches. But, here is another reason that brides will appreciate. While most of us are starving and trying to drop pounds before the wedding, in Mauritius, brides are fed and encouraged to gain weight. This is a good reflection on the groom. It is believed, he must be a man of wealth with such a well-fed wife.


In Japan, the tradition of Shinto is used. The custom is to dress the bride from head to toe in white. This includes their makeup and a kimono and hood. The elaborate hood is there to “hide the horns of jealousy due to her spouse and his mother.

Congo, are you serious?

A bride and groom must not smile at all during the 24 hours before their wedding. If either party cracks a smile on this holiest day, they are judged,  that they are not taking the wedding seriously.

Jamaica - Judgment day

In Jamaica, a bride prepares for her wedding and then takes to the street. The people come from their homes to shout at her. If they do not approve of her looks and there are more than a few negative shouts, she returns home to try again to look better.


After a wedding in Russia, the bride and groom enjoy a sweet bread called Karavaya. The bride and groom take turns biting the bread without using their hands. The one who took the biggest bite will be the one who runs the family.

Every country has their own traditions, and the wonderful thing about the modern age is we can opt to include the traditions of our ancestors in our own weddings.



Published by Zachary McGavin