hello, everyone! Welcome back if you're a current reader or a special hello if you are new to my blog posts!


I am currently sitting here typing away as I am in huge amounts of pain with my wisdom teeth and still wish they would stop, but I didn't want to not write another post for the website and mytrendingstories.com so I'm sorry if this post seems a little rushed!


I'm going to dive right in with beauty favs as most women love that part first I think!


  1. the body shop cleanser (as photographed)

can we talk about how amazing this stuff is? I have noticed a huge difference since I first used it, I got tempted after watching Youtuber Fabuloushannah and even Hobbie Stewart using this, of course, they were sponsored for the videos but I'm not for this post, haven't made it that far and yes this product is worth investing in. I have purchased it for £7.50 and I have not regretted it since using the product, my skin feels clean, refreshed, soft as anything and it gives me a little healthy glow I feel. it's for all skin types and I have to say not once has it broken me out or made my Acne come by, and I really appreciate the ingredients and extra vitamin E boost!


2. Tanya Burr - Peachy Glow Palette.

Tanya Burr came out with the cheek palettes a little while ago, and for someone who has started to really enjoy fake tanning (when I can be bothered to put the effort in) I have to say the bronzer and highlighter from this palette is incredible, I contour easily, I look healthy with the highlighter and for me most importantly do not look orange!


3. St Moritz - Fake Tan - Medium Shade.

Now for a girl who cannot tan naturally and will always be that wonderful pasty shade of white and pink in the summer months on how easily I burn... this tan has been a dream for me, I don't have any issues with it, easy to apply, easy to use, easy and wearable for someone as pale as me, and I love it. I have no issues scrubbing it off either for those good exfoliation days, can I also say this product has lasted me a really long time and the price for the product is amazing! complete win-win!


4. Fav Youtuber this month - Gabriella Lindley - Velvetgh0st.

Before you mock me can you please listen to this cover and tell me it's not amazing, like all of her other covers they have really shined and i love listening to them on my phone out and about on repeat, not only does this girl have amazing singing talent, she is one of the friendliest YouTubers I have met and I would, of course, want to meet her again, I think this girl has so much potential, she's real, she's honest, and her vlogs are enjoyable and not showing a mask, she gives you the real ins and outs of her highs and lows that she chooses to show.

But if you haven't heard her version of Adele's All I Ask, well you better and believe me she's worth it, here's the link for her covers and playlist on her channel: Gabriella Lindley 


I'm sorry, the post is rushed and is a bit all over the place!

anything you want to recommend me please comment and ill be happy to have a good longer browse at other stuff. Also, hope you all have an awesome week.


lots of love Viccie 


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