To be really very honest, a single day cannot simply do the justice to describe the fact that how commendable our mothers are! They deserve to be loved every day, every minute and every second for all the efforts they make to let us stand on our feet with grace, dignity, and walk with pride in this world. Let’s just take this opportunity to praise the most deserving and irreplaceable human being by the Almighty.


That first gentle touch of love and purity!

Despite the heavy and terrible pregnancy period that a mother goes through by carrying you in her womb for almost 9 months while avoiding her favorite cuisines and eating healthy to keep you safe, dealing with the stubborn hormones messing up inside, making her stay awake whole night and throw up during the day followed by the horrible delivery procedure she encounters and almost gives up in the labor room, Mother is the one who loves you just for being born!

The very first person to hold us in their arms whose eternally pure touch makes us feel tranquil, and content is a MOTHER! The warmth of her first hug calms down our nerves that are in a shock of what world we have just entered. As soon as we embrace the cordiality of her arms, we are happy to be in the safe hands!

Sleepless nights!

The birth of a baby was not an end to those restless nights for a mother, but the actual struggles start postpartum! She stays awake whole night to let you feel safe and sound, to feed you and keep your stomach full time to time. As you grow old, she can’t sleep if you are not home by 12. She stays awake if you are ill. In short, her insomnia never leaves her ever since her baby is born.

She loses herself to make you win!

The only person who happily loses the game to make you win is your mother! She teaches you how to cope up with this hard battle called life. Your character and personality reflect the shadows of your mom! No matter how old you get, the first person you need in any situation is your momma!

The nonpareil meals

Remember those healthy meals you denied to eat because you were fond of the junk? As you grow old you realize that they were nothing but utter love poured in a bowl. Even the most expensive cuisine at the 7-star hotels can’t satisfy your taste buds as your mom-made meals would do! Most of the people when asked what they loved about their childhood most, answer that those were the mealtimes cooked by their mums!

Her never-ending efforts

She never let you feel that you are any less than anyone. Either rich or poor, a mom always makes sure to dress and feed the best to her children while sacrificing her own dreams and even the basic necessities. Whether two or ten, a mother never discriminates between her children and love them equally and unconditionally (well, that we realize as we grow old and mature enough to understand the circumstances). The irony is that sometimes as you get to realize the things it’s already too late to be thankful to your Ma for her unconditional love. Let’s take a moment and bow down to the actual Queens of the house, avail the Hush promo code to grab the perfect gift for your angel mother who gave you nothing but the best forever. She deserves much more than words and gifts, she deserves all the appreciations in the world. 

Basically, they are the unsung heroes

Let’s pay a little tribute to the strongest yet unsung heroes of the world!

This Mother’s Day dedicate a huge round of applause to every mother who believed in her children and raised them to be righteous and generous. To the mothers who instead of being the flag bearers of Patriarchy decided to make a small effort 'just' by raising their children right. To the mothers who didn't segregate the Do's and Don'ts among their children. To the mothers who made us believe and see for ourselves what difference a rightly raised kid can create in the society. To the mothers who believed in the beauty of 'small acts impact'. To the mothers who taught both the genders to rise above from entitlements. To the mothers who just didn't brag about the social evils, rather decided to make a difference themselves. To the mothers who gave up their personal ambitions. To the mothers who realized the significance of raising the children in the right manner along with household chores. To the mothers who just didn't manage their houses and turned it in homes but also managed a generation rightly too. To the mothers that didn't make it to an executive post or were awarded any medals but created a more significant difference than many influential women. To the mothers who inspire each one of us.


The never-ending bond of a mother and child is truly priceless and one can simply not compare this eternal tie with any other relation. Appreciate your mothers as much as you can! Express your love towards them all 365 days throughout the year rather dedicating just a day for this heavenly human being. Make the most of this precious time you get to share with your mum as once gone it would never come back! Surprise her with the flowers, her favorite gifts and feed her as she did when you were a child. Always remember that ever since she conceived you in her womb, she has been through a lot for your sake that couldn’t even be explained. As a part of this special Mother’s Day content, we would like you to embrace the warmth of her love and express your love towards her for all the efforts and the unconditional love you have been receiving from her since forever.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan