So many times you see and hear it on the news over and over again; a mother is being charged for leaving her children home alone. Now I know there's going to be a lot of people who scold mothers for doing so, but let's be open-minded about it for one second.

Let me first say that I do understand the severity of the situation, and I do agree 100% that SOME situations are down right deplorable. I'm not talking about the mothers who leave their infants and small children home alone by themselves to go do drugs, go out-of-town, go to the club, to go lay up with different  men, or anything of the sort. I'm merely talking about the single mothers with no support who leave their children (most times with an older sibling around the ages of 7-10) home alone while she goes to work. Yeah, I know there are people who are going to look down their noses in disgust at this post, and please feel free to stop reading at any time if it gets too unbearable; but let's talk about those mothers...


It's very saddening when you have a mother who truly wants to do better and make a better life for herself and her kids, so instead of sitting home doing nothing, they take the risk of getting up and going to work while leaving their children home. It's sad when those same mothers get caught and face criminal charges for neglect when they were doing nothing more than trying to make a better way. The system and social media will portray them as monsters but to the mothers who kill their children, they will sometimes show mercy and compassion and say it was just a severe case of postpartum depression! So many people will look down on and ridicule these mothers for not having a job, not being able to provide for their children, and not being able to hold their own, but when she does the best she can in her circumstances, she's punished.

I look back at the old days when things were much different, and I'm almost certain that those mothers back then left their children home alone while they went to work and had the golden rules of, "you better NOT answer that door, and you better NOT go outside." It wasn't even a secret that she was leaving them, but people understood and they didn't judge her, if anything they'd keep watch over the house.

These days, in order to get childcare assistance you have to be in school or working a certain amount of hours. Is it something wrong with this picture? The mothers are needing childcare assistance to work, but they have to be working to get the assistance. Sadly, the only way a mother would have a slight chance of getting the assistance is if someone calls child protective services (CPS) and reports that she's leaving the children home unattended. The irony.

The support system these mothers have are futile. Who can she turn to in her time of need? Who does she have to lean on? Yes, I know the obvious, she laid down and gave birth to her children, but one thing we all know, these dudes who take part in making the baby will switch up in a heartbeat when you introduce a baby into the equation. It's literally a lose/lose sitation for these mothers. If they don't work and are not able to care for their children, CPS will remove the children from the home, and if they go to work leaving their children home, CPS will STILL remove the children. And lets talk about society. If a mother cannot financially care for her children she's labeled a deadbeat, worthless, sorry, a bum, etc. But when she tries to make her situation better, she's labeled a neglectful mother who's not worthy of having children.

While we're speaking of childcare, let's talk about the prices. From my personal experience, without assistance, childcare costs anywhere from $100-$150 a WEEK. According to the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NAACCRRA) monthly, childcare can range anywhere from $300-$1564. YOU DO THE MATH!!! Wouldn't it be easier to help and uplift them, than to tear them down and punish them when they are at least trying to make a better way. How is it easier to get almost every form of assistance when a person has nothing and most times aren't trying to do anything to better their situation, but the moment you get a job making the bare minimum, they add it up to look like you're making top dollar, which in return, makes you ineligible for almost everything?

I truly feel as though in a lot of ways, the system is designed to keep you down and not build you up. I've seen first hand how the system is more against mothers than for them, and it's a very sad thing to witness. I think more resources should be available for mothers who are trying. Yes I understand the law, but I also feel as though there are many loop holes and gray areas involved as well. My heart goes out to those very mothers I am speaking upon. It may not be the best way but at least you are trying and not trying to sit on your ass and collect government assistance for the rest of your life.

I know I may get a lot of criticism regarding this topic that I have merely scratched the surface of, but it needs to be talked about. Again let me say, I am well aware of laws, safety issues, etc, but what are other options that are available to assist these women? Feedback and critism are welcomed, as there is nothing wrong with differing opinions,  just be respectful.

Published by Erica Marie