Well wearing Motifs hasn't been a 'thing' since the early 90's.  But guess what I have seen in the latest magazines.  Celebrities can't seem to get enough of them!  

So here are some ways to wear them and not look like you have travelled back in time!

Yes, the motif is on the jeans, how old school is that!  Anyway if you team it with an embroidered top and  or keep the top plain, you can mix and 'clash' even with the shoes and bag.  Make sure you keep one item plain, this seems to be the main rule.


So here I have a smaller motif on the skirt teamed with a patterned crop top.  The shoes are plain but lots of different textures and the bag adds a cute touch.  You can mix and match (or clash motifs on the top and bottom as long as one of them is discreet).  If the motif on the skirt had many colours then it would be a 'fail' as it would look like the wearer is trying too hard.


Till next blog......stay fabulous

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe