The worlds just playing 
It is just making you saying 
You are making a fool out of yourself 
What is wrong with you? 
You can cut through them 
You know they can't beat you 
You are just not working the way 
Useless for me to say 
They can't understand you 
Cause you are different 
They think you can be bent 
Show them what you are made of 
Show them you can build your own tent 
You think fast , they are slow 
They will never last, they will never know 
I say you go with the flow , 
Also target the priorities with your bow. 
Sometimes attitude won't just matter 
Speak up loud, don't just utter 
People are going to talk at your back 
They are just full bullshit sack 
Show them what you are made of 
Show them your fears 
Let them know about your tears 
Let them know about your story 
Show them that you are worried 
Show them that you care 
Let them know that you are buried 
Let them know what you can bear 
Show them what is special about you 
Show them what is that they don't have 
Let them know how to be able to see the other day 
Let them know what isabout the other day 
They will laugh at you, 
You are your own kind 
Don't let others ruin your mind! 
Do what you love to, have to! 
Ignore could's and make it happen! 
If you will , I can pay your bill.!! 

Published by Debjyoti Saha