When seeking motivation, many try to find the fastest sources. What most do not realize is motivation is like a fire. There is a spark of the match, a quality of fuel, a quantity of fuel, and the size of the fire.

The match must be strong enough to start a flame, but be small enough not to burn your hand. You must find motivation that starts your journey, but if you bite off more than you can chew to start, you will burnout or be overwhelmed.

When deciding what to fuel your fire, you must carefully decide what wood or sources to use. Using twigs are perfect to get it started, but you will need big logs to keep the fire burning awhile. Motivation is everywhere, but the quality of the source is what will keep your inner fire alive. The fast sources of motivation (videos, quotes, images) all play a valid role in getting the fire started. They are easy to light, and they will help the fire grow. After awhile these things are useless as they burn out quickly. You must find another source, or you must continue adding to the pile frequently with fast sources.

The big logs you decide to add are what builds the foundation of your fire. Without the foundation, your fire will soon diminish, or keep you looking for fast burning sources very frequently. This is why your main sources of motivation should be internal and not external (enjoyment, passion, faith). These sources of motivation are what lasts you the longest. They may need to be renewed, analyzed, or changed eventually, but they last you the longest. Now you must decide how much of these sources you want.

The phrase "more must be better" has been proven invalid countless times. There is nothing different here. Deciding your amount is based off of your quality. If you gather small twigs, you must find a large amount. If you fuel your motivation with external sources, you will need an ample amount to keep going. Now with the logs, you will not need as many, because they will keep your fire burning longer with less. These internal forces of motivation are not needed in high amounts. Sometimes only faith or enjoyment is needed to fuel a person's passion for their entire life.

With all of this in mind, you will need to decide the size of the fire you will want to make. The bigger your fire, the more sources you will need. This means having both more twigs, and more logs. The bigger your dreams are in life, the more you will need to keep you going. This ensures your fire and your motivation does not burnout along the way.

Keeping the fire within us ablaze is not a mystery. You must decide how to start, the amount of sources you use, the quality of sources in which you use, and the size of your goals. Regardless of building a fire, accomplishing goals, or even self improvement in general, you must always have a beginning, a supply, a set quality, and an end result goal.


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