I hope all of you enjoy my youtube video! It definitely has some use for those who have been in this situation or are in this situation now. I think people need to worry less about how others look at the gym and realize we are all there to workout for our own reasons and each of us have our own story to tell. Why judge someone for looking good or bad? is it really all that bad that the girl at the gym wants to show off her legs because she is confident with herself? We don't know people's lives from start to finish all the time. I think women can be so cruel sometimes (not saying men are not) but we tend to "hate" females who look better, smell better, have better, do better than us..like seriously. I think the gym should be a safe place to do something for yourself without having to worry about someone talking shitty about you because you look good. Ladies, carry yourself with confidence and don't allow someone to bring you down because whatever you are doing to look good, you are doing a great job! Don't be mad at someone for wanting to improve themselves in a positive manner, if you don't know their story than don't make one up. 



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Published by Shay-Lon Moss