I will tell everyone this...I have been a victim of hate and mental abuse. It's not easy hearing how fat and how terrible you look on a daily bases especially by those who are supposed to support you and love you unconditionally. Some of us aren't that fortunate. Its okay to cry and feel broken....shows that we are human and that we feel, BUT DO NOT let that person ruin the reason why you're working your ass off in the first place. DO NOT let their cruelty consume your thoughts and perceptions of yourself. You've decided to do something (lose weight) that many people don't dare to try, won't try, can't try, won't even bother trying and that seriously is a VICTORY in my book. You're trying your best and you are killing it with every step forward! You'll be pushed down, you'll be beat up, you'll feel like you can't go on....and you must. Your life depends on it. You're worth the time, the effort and the tears. So keep on going and use those haters are motivation in your life. Fuel your anger and your energy and kick life in the balls with your victories. <3

Published by Sunny White