Okay, so I didn't forget about "motivational Monday's" with all of you, I was spending all day yesterday and most of today with my partner and got caught up in their cuteness and had to put blogging on hold until now because they left to go back home (out of state). This long distance relationship stuff is part of my get away from the computer so I can spend quality time with people. I hope no one is angry with me, I will try to finish up a motivational Monday youtube video tonight for all those in bed to watch tomorrow! I hope my words will continue to inspire, motivate and help those no matter their journey. Thank you to all of my followers who continue to make my day with your adventure, positive, informational and very interesting post! all of you have a great minds and it is shown through your writing and your topic of choice. "We all have bad days but is it how we spend it that makes the difference in our lives" -Shay-lon

Published by Shay-Lon Moss