What Is motorcycle Gear?
In motorcycling, motorcycle riders wear a special clothing, safety gear as well as various equipment.Generally, a biker wears those things to protect him from unwanted accidents or situations.Motorcycle gear has a large and vital impact on motorcycle lover’s life.Because it is more than necessary tools for them.A biker will not be able to drive safely on the highway without those elements.It does not only give him safety but also give him a crash & weather protection.It also produces high visibility, style or identification, top class speed & communication devices.

Why A bike Lover Need The Good Gear?
On a motorcycle, ,you’re going to your destination with a certain level of speed.If a biker going to fall when drive then he would sustain a serious injury.Even if you fall at a speed of 50km/h on the wide busy highway, it will cause exceeding 85km/h speed.You will break your body organs & can cause serious damage to your body skin.It will create a bad impact on your whole life.So it is important to keep yourself safe and out of danger.
On the other hand, the weather issue will be a key factor.On a sunny day when you go out for a drive you need a proper gear to get rid of sunlight.Again on the cold day of the winter season, you need a proper gear to protect your hand from getting cold.You must need long undies & a down jacket for staying away from the cold.A good gear also helps you from the extream heat of the autumn season.Your gear will provide your body a natural cooling effect.A helmet can provide cooling from the heat.

Basic Types Of Motorcycle Gear
There is some basic gear for motorcycle riders.Here we will discuss those elements which help the bike lovers to ride their bike and give them life support safety.


It’s the most important gear for bikers.It protects biker’s head from unwanted accidents.Head is the most important body organ and it needs to remain safe.So a helmet will provide intensive care for the head.In a word, a helmet is a protective headgear for bikers.

Helmets are made of two layers:

  • Hard in nature.
  • Energy-absorbing system

The internal shell plays a vital role as it covers a large area. There are also three main styles:

  • Flip face
  • Open face
  • Full face

An open face helmet will protect everything but the face.So it is the risky option for bike riding.


Gloves are called hand gear.They protect the rides from wrists injury.Gloves are generally made of leather.In winter it is very helpful gear for bikers.As it prevents cold.The racing riders have also used that kind of gloves.Because it gives the best possible grip for hands.Gloves also save our finger from being crashes.

Clothing( Jackets)& Armour:

A leather jacket is the main choice for the professional bike riders.The leather suits for both highway or racing riding.It is also a fashionable style.The leather is thicker, stronger and also flexible. Many bikers also use duster coat.It prevents dust.Many modern-day kinds of leather have armor on the inside part.Again it provides safety on the knees, back, hips, elbows regions.Why did you need to use armor or clothing?Let’s come to the point:

  • It saves major parts of the body.
  • It reduces injury by dampening system.
  • It reduces life risk.


Boots are worn by bike riders to prevent their feets from the injury.It also saves their ankles.Oil resistant boots will help to get the better grip of feets.Rubber based composite soles are also available in the market.For the boots, the European give a standard EN which is 13634:2002.


The goggles or sunglasses help the bikers to prevent the extensive sunlight.It also protects eyes from getting dusty.Moreover, wind and insects do not disturb the bike riding anymore.The bike riding glasses are different than the normal glasses.It is made of a foam rim which protects the sunlight.


 GPS is important to gear for the bikers to track down their location.The latest brand of motorbike GPS system will help the bikers to navigate the busy town and streets.It guides them to their destination safely and smoothly. There are many kinds of GPS on the market. Some of the best motorbike GPS are given below:

  • Garmin Zumo 590LM
  • Tom Tom Rider 400
  • Garmin Montana 680t
  • Garmin Zumo 395LM
  • Cradle - Best Motorcycle GPS
  • BMW Motorrad Navigator V with
  • Motorcycle GPS


 If you are a bike lover then you need to be more cautious about selecting motorcycle gear.Because it depends on your life issue and safety.Don’t hesitate to buy the best gears as safety comes first not the money.Life is more valuable than money.So buy the best motorcycle gear and have a great bike journey.

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