Most people are familiar of the Biblical account where Moses and the Israelites have left Egypt and are confronted by the Red Sea.  They look behind them and see the Egyptian army chasing them and look forward and see an impassable sea.  They feel doomed.  The Israelites complained and wondered why they were brought out to the desert to die.  God then tells Moses to do something.  This is where there the story deviates from what we think.  We know Moses lifted his staff toward the sea and it parted for the Israelites to cross.  But God gave an instruction for Moses before that.

    In Exodus 14:15 in the Message Bible God says to Moses, “Why cry out to me? Speak to the Israelites. Order them to get moving.”  That is what we often need to do when we face adversity, we need to get moving.  Staying where we are and waiting for something to happen will rarely do much good.  If we know the direction God has told us to go, then we need to move in that direction even if we cannot see a clear path in front of us.

Published by Ray Richards