Since this is my first post on My Trending Stories I wanted to give you a back story of my life and what is currently happening. I decided to post the same thing as on my own blog, which is here

My whole life my family and I moved. We moved around Europe, from Germany, to Switzerland to France and the UK. We also lived in Mexico, but for the past nine years of my life we lived in Switzerland. This is the longest I have ever been in one place, it was time for some change. Graduating from high school is the perfect opportunity for change. I am currently applying to schools in New York to study fashion, specifically fashion management and merchandising, and now I have officially moved to New York. I am already so incredibly excited for a new adventure. These past days I’ve been spending exploring the neighborhood, and even though I think I looked at most of the areas here I know there is still so much to discover and I can’t wait!

I am beyond excited! Also this means I will have new areas to take awesome pictures so stay tuned.

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