What might be coming to the big and small screens in the near future?

The Hollywood Reporter notes that RL Stine’s Fear Street books will be adapted into a series of at least three films, with the movies being released within a couple months of each other.  I strongly considered putting Fear Street in my post about possible book-to-television adaptations, but decided not to go with an anthology.  I’m hopeful the movie series will find success but I can’t help but feel this is a missed opportunity for one of the youth-oriented TV networks.  I mean, there are more than 100 Fear Street books out there, and 100 episodes is – or was – the mark where networks can sell a series out for syndication.  So if a series just adapted each book into one episode, it would hit the syndication mark.  Anyway, it’s not clear at this point if the movies will be adaptions of specific books or original works in the universe of the series.

Spoiler TV reveals that The CW is trying yet again to launch a Supernatural companion show, after passing on the spinoff, as well as the Transylvania and Searchers pilots.  This time the concept seems to be just Supernatural with a group of female characters who have appeared on the show over the years as the leads hunting down evil instead of the brothers.  I have my doubts about how many fans will care about a group of novice hunters in the same universe where the Winchester boys are dealing with potential global Armageddon on a weekly basis, so I would have much rather seen one of the other Supernatural-esque shows instead of this one. 

I’m at least a little more optimistic about Syfy’s planned adaption of The Raven cycle series from Maggie Stiefvater.  The network is also looking to adapt a number of other books.  Sand tells the story of a dystopian desert society, Sirens of Titan follows one man in the future who will journey from Earth to Mars and Mercury, and back again.  Lord of Light examines a human society on a new planet where the elite have set themselves up as deities.

Freeform is moving ahead with a North American version of Misfits, the British show about juvenile delinquents who suddenly become gifted with superpowers.  Io9 reports that four of the five leads for the show have been cast, while Deadline revealed the casting for the last member of the Misfits.

FX is setting up a show called Space, which Spoiler TV reveals will follow a group of astronauts who have an “incredible” experience on the moon, only to see their lives fall apart when they return to Earth.  Meanwhile, Amazon has given a straight-to-series order to Carnival Row, a show where mythical creatures have fled their homeland to become immigrants in the city, creating a tense atmosphere even before the murders star.

Finally, it’s good to be Joe Hill these days.  AMC is moving forward with an adaptation of his novel NOS4A2, while we just got the first casting news for the Hulu adaptation of his graphic novel series, Locke and Key.  AMC is also going with mystery-thriller Pandora and Silent History, the story of a group of children born without the ability to understand language.  The network is also moving forward with Dietland, a revenge story set in the beauty industry,

Published by Andrew Clendening