There were so many movies I was excited about during the start of the year! Most of them, I have seen already. Now, it's past the middle of the year and there are so much more! I'm going to share you 6 movies ( I know, I know TOP 5 . The last one is a runner up!), that will be released this year, I'm excited about. I will feature another movie in the end which probably won't be released this year, but I'm so excited about. I'll be putting the movie poster of each film for you guys to see!

P.S. I'm sorry about the runner ups lately! I'm just being undecided! I'll try my best to avoid it soon!

Let's get started!

  • The Girl On The TrainConfession time: I actually haven't read the book. I know nothing about this movie/book except for the fact that it's about a divorced woman. I also know that there is a weird happening during a train ride and that the genre of this movie is Psychological Thriller. I love those kind of films and books. The book has been on my tbr for so long! I don't know why I'm excited about this film, I just really want to watch it. I have seen only 1/4 of the trailer because I don't want to be spoiled.
  • Ice Age: Collision Course 

    Of course, no one is ever too old for Disney! I love all the Ice Age movies! They're hilarious and fun to watch! I'm sure this will be good and funny! The trailer is already HILARIOUS!
  • Nerve

I watched the trailer after finding out that Dave Franco is in it! I realized it's a book adaption and now I want to read the book! The reason I want to watch it is because I love the concept of the Truth or Dare game! It's so cool! Also, Dave Franco!

  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 

Everyone probably wants to see this film! I mean, come on. You've probably read the book or saw the trailer. It's also a Tim Burton film! What's not to love? I'll probably read the book first, if I have time. Well, I do. I just don't have money.

  • The Space Between Us

After watching the trailer, I want to watch the movie immediately! This looks like an emotional film! I have to watch this at the cinema with my friends! I just have to. Also, the song in the trailer is one of the songs I really like! Fire and the Flood! Ugh, the trailer made me emotional already!

  • Runner Up: Suicide Squad

Everyone also probably wants to watch this! This is going to be hilarious! I'm sure! I love the idea of turning villains into superheroes! 

The last movie I am going to mention is All The Bright Places! They said it was going to be released this year, but they haven't really filmed yet. I'm so excited though! I would love to see it on the big screen! I am so glad Elle Fanning will be Violet! I hope they cast Theodore good! 

That's it for my Top 5 list today! I hope you enjoyed! See you again on my next post!

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