I finally have the courage and enthusiasm to share to the lot of you the top films I’ve watched that have mind-boggling, overwhelmingly impressive, delusional but riveting and thought-provoking plot twists. For me, a film is not really that good or compelling unless it has that twist that will haunt me for weeks. I have been planning on blogging about these movies but, somehow, I got the feeling that I shouldn’t share these to you because you might curse me for the rest of your life.

Anyway, moving on. I’ve enumerated top movies that I have seen below. But I’m not going to spoil you with the twists because this whole post would be counterproductive, eh? Note that the following are only in chronological order of when they were released and not based on the intensity of the twist:


·         Misery (1990) – Based on the famous Stephen King’s novel (big fan here), a well-known writer is rescued by a nurse when he had an accident in a severe snowstorm. I suggest this movie to any crazy fangirls out there. :D

·         The Truman Show (1998) – Coincidentally, this was also the second twisted film that I have seen in my life. I guess I was still in grade school when I watched this. The protagonist, Truman, lives his life unaware that he is inside a reality television program. Although, this doesn’t generally has a twist on its own. But imagine yourself in Truman’s shoes, now that’s so twisted, right?

·         The Sixth Sense (1999) – “I see dead people!” First and best movie with a twist ever! This brought me nightmares when I was a kid! I remembered my father getting scolded by my mother for letting me watch this spooky film. My father initially thought it was generally for kids. But, apparently, he was wrong. Anyway, this movie is about a boy who has a sixth sense (i.e., can see or talk to dead people).

·         Identity (2003) – I remembered searching this on the internet back when my friends and I were bored and got nothing to watch during our board exam review. So we googled “Movies with a twist”. And this movie came up. Surprisingly, it met our expectations, even exceeded a bit. The story is about a convict being questioned by the authorities about the several murders that happened in one place. I definitely recommend this movie!

·         The Butterfly Effect (2004) – At first, I watched this film because I knew Logan Lerman was in it. But as the movie went on, I found myself deeply fascinated on how amazing it was. The protagonist in the film has the ability to travel back in time. He travels back a lot of times in order to change his present, unaware of the consequences it might bring to others, thus, the title “Butterfly Effect”.

·         Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) – I know that most of you have already watched this film. I remembered that I watched this film during my highschool years, before I started reading J.K. Rowling’s books. Imagine not have read the books but only have watched the films. I think this movie was the reason why I started reading the books first. The story’s about Harry’s third year at Hogwarts and the prisoner of Azkaban (a wizards’ prison) that is rumored to kill Harry.

·         The Prestige (2006) – Matter-of-factly, this was my third twisted movie. I thought this was entirely boring. But Hugh Jackman was in it (and it was a Nolan film), so I guessed it might be worth it. The story is about two magicians trying to compete against each other.

·         Room 1408 (2007) – (I love Stephen King!) Obsessed with haunted houses, the leading actor decides to spend a night at the infamous “Room 1408” and see for himself.

·         The Number 23 (2007) – Another film that Logan Lerman’s in, this movie is a psychological thriller about a man’s fixation with the 23 enigma (beliefs that events are directly connected to the number 23).

·         Wanted (2008) – An accountant is invited to join a group of professional assassins, where his father used to work. Although, the twist in this movie could be predictable to some viewers, the film has made itself completely exceptional that some might find themselves so engrossed, which caused them not to predict the twist.

·         Orphan (2009) – Obviously, this is about a couple who adopts an orphan. I guess this was the reason that I, sometimes, find adoptions a bit scary. Although, the story was entirely fictional, I just couldn’t help myself to believe such thing exists (oh my, now, I’m being delusional).

·         Shutter Island (2010) – I’ve really enjoyed watching this film. Although admittedly,  I was half-asleep during the first part so I had to replay the film again since the middle part to the last part was interesting. An officer and his partner start to investigate the disappearance of a patient in a psychiatric facility. Actually, this was the movie that made me so wary about watching films because not everything is seemingly what it seems to be. One word for this - benchmark.

·         Inception (2010) – This movie is definitely mind-boggling. It was that kind of movie that you couldn’t just start watching in the middle because you’re going to be like “WTF?”. Inception is also a movie written and directed by one of my idols, Christopher Nolan, which is about a group of professionals whose mission is to plant an idea in a person’s subconscious. It was like a dream within a dream that is also within a dream. This movie is far more complicated than you think it might be.

·         Black Swan (2010) – Who’s Darren Aronofsky? Just one of the brilliant directors and screenwriters that I know. He directed this wonderful psychological thriller that revolves around a competitive ballet dancer. I didn’t know that anything could get as darker and more twisted than this film.

·         Source Code (2011) – A man is sent to find a bomber. A very short but not so precise description but saying too much reveals the twist. It’s a science fiction thriller so that’s a hint.

·         Now You See Me (2013) – It’s about a group of magicians who robs money to give to their viewers. Even though the movie gave me something like “They can’t possibly do that, can they?” or “How is that even possible?” kind of thinking, it didn’t fail on giving me that awestruck kind of feeling (wow, that rhymes).

·         Predestination (2014) – I just watched this recently on Star Movies, even though I already have this on my external hard drive. I was really hesitant about watching this because I don’t want to think too much. But with nothing else to do and already playing in front of me, why not let it bother? Also a science fiction, the story is mainly about time travelling and its unexpected consequences (like super shocking and unpredictable ones).

·         Interstellar (2014) – That’s three for Christopher Nolan, everybody! He seems to enjoy directing these kind of movies. Basically, twists are the most important part of stories. Anyway, the movie’s about a group of astronauts traveling in space in search of a new planet for humans to live.

·         Gone Girl (2014) – I personally didn’t know Fincher directed this film. Based on Gillian Flynn’s novel, a husband is accused for the disappearance of his wife. I love Rosamund Pike and her creepy mysterious voice in the movie, but crazy is as crazy does. And she’s one crazy woman in this movie (oops, almost spoiled you with the twist there).

·         The Signal (2014) – In search of the genius hacker, the protagonist and his friends goes to an isolated place. And unlikely things happen (obviously). Now, this is not some sort of Wrong Turn shit, it’s a science fiction so don’t get scared (although it was a bit scary). I came across to this movie one lonely Saturday night on Star Movies. At first, I thought, “Oh, I haven’t seen this yet. Seems like a new movie. Let’s watch” and then I was like “Run, Nic! Run!". You’ll get this when you’ve seen the movie.

·         Birdman (2014) – Directed by Alejandro (his last name’s a bit complicated, sorry), the story revolves around a struggling actor who attempts to give his faded character a Broadway production. It didn’t end well for him, apparently, but that’s for you to find out. (Side note: Alejandro’s also an Academy award-winning director of the film “The Revenant”).

There are a lot of others, but I don’t remember them anymore. My mind’s a bit tired now, so most of the days, I settle for a relaxing kind of movie, that will make me cry or laugh, but won’t put my mind into work.

Published by Jenny Lou Cruzado