In the lives of most of us, there comes a day when we have to move. Shifting from one place to another sounds hectic and sometimes can even be. However, if you plan it earlier, it can become hassle-free and easy to move out. Following is a things-to-do list to help you move smoothly:

#1: Choose a Date  

Pick a date for moving into the new house. Although it depends largely on the date of sale or purchase, avoid choosing one during peak time, such as a bank holiday.

#2: 4 Weeks Before Moving

Systematize your Removals

  • Bring quotes from about three removals companies and compare the cost against the effort and expenses of hiring a van and doing it on your own.

  • Note what is encompassed in the fee and what extras are on offer.

  • Check the company’s contract and home insurance in order to know what you should do in case of furniture damage during removal.

  • If you are not sure which company is the right one, go for Atlant Movers – Moving Company in Sacramento. They will help you deliver your items safely and are available for local moving, long distance moving, office moving and even piano moving.

Start Packing

  • Separate your things according to what to keep, what to give in for charity, and what to throw away.

  • Pack whatever you do not need first.

  • Do not forget to label the boxes with their contents.

Mail and Utilities

  • Make a list of all the utility companies that need to be informed.

  • Get your mail redirected by contacting the Post Office. This may incur a fee.

#3: 1 Week Before Moving

  • Plan where your furniture will be in the new house.

  • Inform everyone about the change in your address. This includes your friends, families, your employer, and the bank.

  • Request for bills of broadband and telephone.

  • Arrange final readings of electricity meters, gas, and water.

  • Make sure the freezer is defrosted.

  • Cancel home deliveries like magazines, newspapers, and milk.

#4: On the Day of Moving

Ensure to pack the following stuff:

  • bed linen

  • cleaning products

  • bread

  • important documents

  • bottled water

  • cutlery

  • plates

  • washing up liquid

  • toilet roll

  • mugs

  • milk

  • coffee/tea bags

  • kettle

Make sure to do these tasks:

  • Take final readings of meter.

  • Switch off all the appliances.

  • Ensure that any pets or children are safe.

  • Take a final look around and look for anything you might have forgotten.

#5: When You Move In

  • Unpack the most required things including the ones packed on the day of moving.

  • Place boxes in their rooms.

  • Ensure broadband, telephone and utilities are connected.

  • Clean.

  • Put up curtains.

  • Look for the nearest take-away!

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Congratulations for your new home! Have fun moving into your new house

Published by Harry Caesar