You have taken care of everything, from packaging to moving and cleaning every nook and corner before leaving your current residence. Now after you have arrived at your new residence, excited and ready to decorate, the first thing to do is unpack and prepare some snacks for everyone who helped you with the move. 

It's really been a rough day, but it's not over yet.

Here are a few things you will want to take care of before you start your new life in your new home.

Check for pest infestation and bird nests

Your new home might have some unwanted occupants already, and you really need to make sure that they leave as you arrive. 

Look for bird nests in the balcony, near windows, AC vents and exhaust systems. These are some of the comfortable places for birds to build their nests. In case you find a nest but don't want to destroy it, remove it carefully place it on a tree in the nearby park. However, if they keep returning, get professional bird control assistance as soon as possible.

Also, you will want to run termite control in every room to make sure your woodwork is safe and protected against pest infestation. Pest control is also important to prevent bed bugs, wasps and other insects from souring your experience at the new place.

Don't keep the same locks

You must change all the locks the day you arrive because you don't know who else has the keys to your home. If you are pressed for time, at least consider changing the main entrance lock to prevent intrusion. If there's a broken window or anything that could be a security threat, get it fixed in time.

Plumbing and Electric Checks

Plumbing and electric systems tend to get damage – more often when they are not in use. Your new house had been vacant for some time, and you don't know in what condition the previous occupants had left the electric and plumbing system. Before you start using bathroom and kitchen appliances, it pays to call in a professional to look into the matter and run a diagnosis to make sure every connection is tight and secure.

Disinfect carpets

The carpets in your new home might look clean and nice, but getting them disinfected one more time is recommended. Carpets tend to attract fungi and create a breeding ground for pests, especially when not in use. Getting them steam cleaned is highly advisable to avoid skin allergies and respiratory issues. Using deodorizers on carpets might help, but if you want the odour gone once and for all, consider thorough steam cleaning and disinfecting your carpets.

Change your address

The process of changing your address should begin one week prior to moving into the new house so that you don't miss out on any important mail. Changing your Credit Card address may take up to 15 days and even more, depending on your location. Therefore, if you are a credit card user and are expecting your monthly card statement to arrive at your current residence after you leave, ask someone to keep a check on your mailbox and inform when required. 

Get yourself familiar with main electrical panel and water shutoff valve

Know where your electrical panel and water shutoff valve are. Knowing their location beforehand is better than running around like crazy during an emergency situation, such as water leakage, short-circuit, etc. 

Find the ideal storage area

There are things you need every day, and then there are things that are taken out of the trove once in a blue moon. Sort out the items that you don't need regularly and dedicate a certain room or corner in the house to avoid clutter in the long run. Don’t have enough space in your home? Don’t worry. You can use a reliable storage facility to keep your items for as long as you want. If you are in Liverpool, Wirral or Manchester, Adam Selfstore is the most reliable storage facility you can approach.

Published by Sarah Williams