If you cannot decide between moving on your own or hiring a company to help you; ask yourself why, why can't you choose? Your answer is a good starting point for you to confront your fears, doubts, and biases about moving. After learning more about the process of both sides, you can assess whether you are justified to feel that way or not. Here are three points that will help you work out which option is better suited for you:


Do you have experience?

Experience can be moving out of your parents’ home to the university dorm or helping a relative out. When people think about moving, they don’t always realise how much things they have. Items are hiding out in your closet, under your bed, or in plain sight. When you empty all your rooms, seeing the pile of things can be overwhelming. Do you have the experience to handle that mess?

If you do, you know the drill. Declutter items you don't need or want. Consume the food in your fridge and toiletries to the best of your capabilities (without overdoing). Sort them according to their use or room. That will help with setting up at your new place.

If you do not have experience, do you know anyone who does? Perhaps a family member or a close friend can guide you through the process of doing it on your own. In the situation where everyone is busy, a moving company also provides packing services. They are experienced and can handle fragile items better than anyone. Hiring a company and seeing how they go about the task can be a learning experience for future reference.


What are you carrying over?

The next thing you need to consider is the number of items you have. Even the most experienced mover will struggle with many heavy furniture items, appliances, and instruments. A removal company in Cheltenham, in this case, is a strategic decision to keep your investments intact. There is no use paying for the move if items get damaged on the way.

If you are travelling light, going solo makes the most sense. You will not be occupying the full space of the smallest van anyway. Pack smart with space saving techniques. If your items can’t fit in your car, ask for help from your friends or family and offer to pay for the petrol.


How far are you going?

Besides the volume of your haul, consider the distance as well. Not all cars can handle a cross-country trip, slippery roads, or uphill battles. The location of your new home is another factor for deciding to move on your own or not. If you are transferring within the neighbourhood or city, multiple car trips could do the trick.

However, if you are travelling far and the conditions are not ideal for a regular car, the moving company offers security. They are accustomed to going great distances. Their vehicle can power through bumps and cracks on the road. It’s a win for the moving company.

Were your fears addressed? Research your options and think about what would benefit you the most.


Published by Zachary McGavin