Have you ever talked to a guy that you knew you shouldn’t, but you did anyway? Well that is exactly what I did with this next guy Chris. Chris and I started talking through the wonderful world of social media. We followed each other on Instagram and SnapChat. Chris is a very handsome, sexy, and extremely charming. He would randomly message me “hey beautiful” (what every girl loves to hear), ” I would love to take you out,” and we would flirt for couple days and then we wouldn’t talk for weeks sometimes months. This never bothered me because that’s just how he was, and he was consistent with it. He would make plans with me and then I just wouldn’t hear from him at all the day of. Again, didn’t phase me because I expected it.

Saturday morning a friend of mine does my makeup because I have an event to go to that night. Chris just so happened to be texting me while I was getting it done and told me he wanted to see the end result. She did my make-up so good that every time I walked past a mirror I screamed “YAAAAAAAASSSSSS BITCH!!! My inner Beyoncé had unleashed. I of course took a million selfies and posted it on social media…DUH! I send the pic to Chris and he was just saying how gorgeous I looked. I’m thinking, “I know!” but it was good to hear him say it.

I’m at my event (parents anniversary party) and we are messaging each other back and fourth. When it was over, I was not in a rush to wash my face off (it was just that beat!) so I decided to meet up with Chris. He said he’d ditch his friends because he would rather hangout with me. We decided to meet up at a bar called Peppers and I made sure that he was actually going to be there. As I park outside the bar, I’m feeling a bit nervous because I’m thinking, “this is actually happening.” As I’m walking up to the entrance, I see him walking up and “WOAH BRO!”

I took one look at him and I immediately wanted to make-out with his face! This man was so fucking hot! When Beyoncé left the building, surprisingly my inner Rhianna showed up because at that moment I became a SAVAGE! Fuck the white horse and the carriage…. I HAD TO HAVE HIM! All of this was going on in my head before I even said hello. He greets me with a hug and says, “we finally meet.” OMG his voice just made me melt. It was low and deep and he was definitely in no one’s closet.

We sit at the bar and order drinks. I reach for my wallet (to seem like I’m not expecting him to) and he throws down a $20 and says he’s got this. Oh I bet you do handsome. The conversation starts flowing and we’ve talked about family, goals, and just crack jokes here and there. I asked to see the tattoo on his back and I kid you not…..This man stood up and took off his shirt so that I could see it. Not giving any thoughts about the crowd of people around us. Chris just exuded confidence. He has this sexy smile that’s almost like a smirk, always made eye contact, and would find some way to touch me. He offered me a taste of his drink and I ask “Do you mind if I use your straw?” He responds, ” Go ahead, I plan on kissing you later anyway.” Oh sweet baby Jesus this man has me in the palm of his hand and I hope he doesn’t know it.

It’s 1 am and they call last call. WHO THE HELL closes that early? Let’s be real, I was only mad because I didn’t want the night to end. As we leave, he say’s “I’m not ready to end it here, how about we go to another bar.” I agreed of course. He’s staring at me and I’m hoping that my contour is still on fleek! “Would you be mad if I kissed you right now?” HELL NO I WOULDN’T…. but I softly said no. We lean in an instantly I’m smitten. I knew he enjoyed these love pillows that I call lips lol.

Finally we head off to the next bar and we just sat down and continued our conversation.  This time he’s talking about how he wants something real, and how he’s enjoying our time together, and how he’s been single for 2 years. Ummmm , look no further sir! I am here! This man is not only easy on the eyes but he’s wants a real relationship. I will marry you right now (not really, let’s just make-out again). As we walk up to the bar, I notice that one of my coworkers is there and I of course greet her. She looks at him, looks at me, and just smirks. He excuses himself for a minute but gives me a quick peck before he walks away.

“SO is this your new man!?” she asked. “I’m working on it.” “Well he’s cute so you need to GET ON THAT!” Oh little did she know, I’m already planning on it ( LITERALLY). The bar is about to close and he asks if I want to come over and watch a movie. I politely decline (because I’m a lady) and tell him that we could hangout the next day. Fantasy football starts the next day so he couldn’t. A quick peck goodbye and we both head home. As I walk into the house I get a text from him and it says, ” Sweet dreams babe. You’re amazing.” He ended it with the kiss face emoji. I replied that he was amazing and he sent me another emoji with the heart eyes. PERFECT ending to my night.

The next day I text him that afternoon just to say hi. I don’t wait 3 days to talk to a guy that I’m into. Chris doesn’t respond so I don’t think anything of it because it’s football day and guys are PSYCHO when it comes to that. I send him a snap message that Monday and he looks at it and no response. Now I’m confused! I don’t message him anymore because I can take a hint but why put on that act if you wanted nothing to do with me. It is now Friday and this guy has not said 2 words to me. Oh by the way, this date happened last Saturday 09/10/16 so it’s still pretty fresh. I would say that I’ve been ghosted but he still follows me on Instagram and watches my Snap stories. What could’ve happened in 24 hours that would cause him to lose interest like that? It CLEARLY is not me because I am a fucking delight!

Why is it always the one’s that I actually like that turns out to be douche bags. I’m disappointed in myself because I knew he was wishy washy. His charm and good looks got the best of me and I had poor judgment. I knew that I shouldn’t have met up with him but I did anyway. Next time I will go with my gut. Unless he wants to make-out again then I just might….. OK FINE! I won’t! This gal has learned her lesson.


Published by Tara Steward