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 A mini-Mt. Tapulao with its looooong rough roads, Mt. Marami is the sister of Mt. Pico de Loro and a far less crowded, and hotter, alternative.

How to get there

At Coastal Terminal, look for a bus going to Naic. (PHP60?)

Take the jeepney going to Magallanes. (PHP30ish?). I think the first trip is around 6:30am.

Take the tricycle to jump off (PHP60 per trip?)

To go back, take the tricycle and ask them to drop you off where you can catch a bus to the metro.

Guide fee: PHP500 if I remember correctly. This was around May, 2016.

The fun part was our guide had a dog – and when me and my three friends managed to split into two groups, the dog also went with the other group as guide! What an amazing friend to humans.

Quick tips

It’s hot. Be prepared.

There are at least three buko stops at PHP20 per fresh buko. So just bring around 1-2L of water.

If going on a day hike, be conscious of time. Else, bring a headlamp with you. (transpo back might also be difficult).

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