9 July 1991

Dear S

I am writing or rather typing, or rather word processing this to you on our NEW computer which we got today.  I have just realised that it does not seem to justify the lines really well like WordStar.  I am getting WordStar loaded onto it, but will have to get someone from school/work to help me with that.  This little program was already on the hard disk.  It has a hard disk (I already said that didn’t I), 2 floppy disks, a printer and a keyboard for $800.  It is not new, one of the teachers at school has a brother who deals in second-hand computers, so it wasn’t a bad deal.

We did have to change your room around a bit. We put your bed back on the other side with the sewing machine and have put a new computer desk where your bed was and put the pine chair and coffee table from the family room in with the computer.  It looks quite good.  Got the screen back from Greens to divide the two off.  Think I will put some fabric on the back of the screen so you can’t see through it.

Well, I don’t think J has got around to posting his letter to you, I keep harping, but I don’t seem to get anywhere.

I hope to put the family history on the computer, there is a program you can buy for IBM compatibles, so I thought I should sort it all out and get it onto disk.

I don’t know how this will go in the printing, but one can live in hope I guess.

A couple of questions I forgot in the last letter – a mother has to know these things – how old is Jack?  Did you resign?  I got a copy of the Focus from Gia and a copy of the Royal Horseguards Blurb.  The article on you in the Focus was great.  Did she send you a copy? I will send a photocopy just in case she didn’t.  It is nearly worth framing.  You sound like some sort of Superwoman, on second thoughts perhaps I shouldn’t send it to you, you might get a very swollen head and have trouble getting though doors.

I had better find out how to save this manuscript before I go much further, or it will all have been in vain.

Mara Green got a new car the other day, a Brown 1986 Corolla – very nice, but I hate to see kids put a noose around their neck with these loans.  Her job seems to be very secure and so that is a good thing.

Well I might stop here and try to print this off and then I can add to it later if I want to.

Lots of love






Saturday, 13 Jul 1991

9:00pm after phone call

Dear S

It was great to talk to you, please apologise to Jack, because I was getting some echo and I was a bit confused, I didn’t really speak to him, just asked to speak to you.  He probably thinks I am really ignorant.

I am pleased you haven’t resigned yet.  It is always easier to get a job when you already have one.

How often do you get holidays and how long do you get?  Are there as many long weekends in the UK as Australia?  Probably not, as I think we are the long weekend kings of the whole world.

The talk in the papers here today is that it will be on again in Iraq soon, Britain has sent planes to Cyprus in readiness.  I think they should go and wipe them off the surface and make sure they get Hussein.

This little program is not too bad, but I still want to get WordStar.  I found out when I printed the last letter to you that you can ask it to justify properly and it will do it, thank you very much!!  The printer makes a heck of a noise though, they call it dot mattress or something, very noisy.

Will ring and let you know if J gets the job, but I will post this first, because otherwise I feel guilty that I am telling all the stuff you already know.  I think he is quite excited about the prospect of working, who knows, maybe he will like it and decide to stay and do a course at night on publishing or journalism.

I’ve got all your clothes out, will pack them in a box and might include a birthday pressie for you.

By the time you get this letter, I should know when I am going into hospital again, the sooner the better – I just want to get this hip replacement over and done with.  It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be I think I was a bit chicken for too long.   Your brother was really marvellous to me when I came out of hospital, I wouldn’t have survived without him but this time I am going to a rehab hospital for a week after I leave hospital, so I won’t be so helpless when I come home.  I think I will recover quicker this time because the other hip won’t be sore or weak.

Michelle Jones starts work  with Mara on Monday, she has been doing a secretarial course at TAFE, so she is thrilled to bits to have a job.

J and I went over to Freedom Furniture in South Yarra today and I think I will go back next week and get a couple of things.  I ordered wall units for the family room, because J and Dad were both complaining how hotch potch it looks.  Also bought new light fittings – just big white balls.

Don’t forget to send a photo or two, just so we don’t forget what you look like.  I think I prefer to write to you, as I get carried away on the phone and forget to say things.  Perhaps the art of letter writing is not dead yet, even if it is done on a computer.

Well, I think I have exhausted my supply of drivel for now.  So will say goodbye.

Lots and lots of love and kisses




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