Hi you all!
Despite the heat here in my town, I couldn't go without a jeans outfit. I really dislike it when I'm forced (because of the weather) to wear only a particular type of clothing, like skirts and shorts in the summer..So this awakens the rebel in me! Even if I changed this outfit for some shorts after only 30 minutes long walk outside...
Moving onto the outfit! I'm not that much of a fan of bright colours when it comes to jeans, I'd always wear  black ones. But these ones are one of my favourites so I didn't want to miss the oppurtunity to wear them. What is more, not only do they remind me of the cool past when my mum used to go out with them, but they also add colour to the outfit and make it look more casual. Continuing with the top- it's a really light blouse which looks like a sweather but it's actually not. What I love about it is of course the leather parts on the end of each sleeve which makes it stand out from any other grey blouse/sweather I own. And the cherry on the cake are my shoes. I have an uncontrollable love for grey high heels and these are just perfect!

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Photos: by Michail Bratanov 
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