In the midst of cotton fields,

the blood stained parched mud.

The footprints deeply imprinted,

did they walk with a future unheard,

A scene from a western entertainment.

The reality however frightened,

with thoughts of ancient past,

and you wonder how and why?!!

Why the instances of violent thrill?

To belittle the powerless under your control.

Why the question of untouchable and discontent?

The question to freedom pertained throughout,

by many great souls over  a period of time.

The cheap skill all around,

once and forever for granted,

the then degradation of human mind,

continues to speed up phony mundanity.

In the lost time with unknown souls,

wishing for a priceless touch,

a brush with the everlasting feel,

of forgotten past,to play the note of enrichment,

With a love so pure found in a fantasy.

And there she walks away

with a whipped back into her glorious world reluctantly,

looking for a bright Sunday morning.


Published by Deepthi Suresh