T.L. Haddix is the author of the I. Ronik series, the Sunset Motel series, the Shadows collection, and the Firefly Hollow series. Murky Pond is the 12th book in the Firefly Hollow series.


Lily Campbell does not want to go home. Months ago, she spent one night with Warren Sullivan, and a years-long friendship ended as Lily ran away to travel the world. Now her job is over, and it’s time to return to Dragonfly Creek Farm. And Warren.

Warren has lost more than most people can imagine, but he found home at Dragonfly Creek Farm. When his best friend ran away from him after their night together, he was wounded to the core. Now Lily is back on the farm, and Warren is determined to ignore her—and what happened between them. If only it were that easy.

I did not realize ahead of time that Murky Pond (and the Firefly Hollows series) is “romance with light, folklore-paranormal elements,” so when, about halfway through the book, there was an offhand reference to some of the family members being shapeshifters…I had to re-read the sentence and re-evaluate in my mind. I love paranormal, so I didn’t mind, but nothing else had indicated this aspect, so it caught me off-guard. Also, this is the 12th book in a series, and the first of the series I’ve read, so there’s that. This actually made me more interested in reading the series, as I love a good group of interconnected stories and characters like this. This was a very enjoyable book, and I love the cover!

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Published by Misti Pyles