In a world full of skinny jeans and six packs, everyone is looking for the next best way to lose fat. I'm finding that more and more people are doing an endless amount of cardio for the sake of weight loss without realizing they could be more efficient with their time. Right before summer how many people do you usually see on the track or around town walking for hours? Quite a bit! This is because walking is easy to do and is utilized as a weight loss tool. Needless to say, this method is good for beginners and the sedentary population, but if you have a decent fitness level this will be an inefficient method. Another thing you will see is people doing much  higher reps in the gym while eating less at home. This method may work short term, but will never get you decent enough results long term.

"Now that everything I know about cardio is a lie, how would you do cardio smart guy?" Easy actually, you get out what you put in. That's why when I do cardio it is heavy and/or fast.paced. This cardio does require some equipment, but it will be more than worth it. These exercises are non eccentric exercises (no lowering phase), so a decent amount of volume and frequency is doable (though do not overdue it). Did I mention these cardio/conditioning exercises build muscle?! Let's look at the exercise list shall we?

These exercises are:

1) Farmer walk
2) Sled drags
3) Sprints/Distance Lunging
4) Plyometrics/Explosive movements (jumps/throws/cleans/clap pushups/etc)
5) Sled pulls
6) Sled presses

As you can see, with just a sled and a rope/harness you can do majority of these exercises. The farmer walk and cleans are the only exercises that would require either farmer handles, a barbell, dumbbells, or a trap bar. The set/rep/rest protocol is the same you would use in my previous article "building muscle anywhere".

Don't think of this lightly. If you go hard, it will be difficult. The more difficult you make it and the more you push, the greater your results will be. With that being said, always remember, no amount of exercise can out due a bad diet.

Published by Ahmed Jabai