There is an old saying that "music doth soothe the savage beast". Now don't get all upset, I'm not saying your baby is a savage beast, heaven forbid! The point is that music is so beneficial to humans and animals alike. From the beginning of human kind, it would be safe to say that one of the first things they ever did was to have some form of music.

You've probably seen videos and CDs for babies. The question remains, do you really need it? It is strictly an individual choice. There is no doubt that music is soothing to anyone, with one exception, that hair rained new music that would upset the devil. The type of music you choose should be music that is relaxing, pleasant, low key with no loud passages. There are some theories that classical music can make your baby smarter, and exposing your baby to music is part of what we do to introduce them to all the sights and sounds of their world.

What Sounds Would A Baby Like?

Music can definitely help calm your baby down and put him in a restful state at bedtime or nap time. Nature sounds are a favorite such as ocean waves, waterfalls, rain drops,a gently flowing bubbly brook and birds songs are all sounds that are natural and we as adults find relaxing and so will baby.

When Baby Matures

As your baby matures or when your baby is awake there is an abundance of nursery rhymes or music from kids' movies that can stimulate his senses. Simple and rhythmic music with voices tuned to a baby and his understanding that he or she can relate to are good.

White Noise

So called white noise is non irritating to a baby. How may times have you seen babies sleeping through all kinds of clamor and noise. It always amazes me to see a baby sleeping in his seat in the supermarket. oblivious to the sounds around him. I wish I could sleep like that! Fans in a baby's room are a mild stimulus (not directed right at the baby), or from sound CD recordings of white noise are restful. You don't need to create an artificially silent environment for the baby, however, since that can make it harder for them to get to sleep. The normal household sounds are something that your baby will relate to as a normal "hum" of activity is something they will grow into and they will accept readily.

This is a great time for you to explore all the types of music and observe what the effect is on your baby. Your baby will let you know in his or her own subtle way what is and isn't pleasing. The same music that's helping your baby get to sleep can help soothe your own nerves and provide a wonderful time of bonding and restfulness for you and your baby together.

Watch the below video about Smoothing rain lullaby for babies to go to sleep by listening to relaxing rain and thunder sounds.

Rain music baby sleep



Published by Reed Cooper