Almost every night I listen to music as a way to clear my mind before bed. I love the way it feels when I hear an awesome song. I can close my eyes allowing me to picture me dancing, fighting, or doing amazing things only to open them to the realization that I am still me. A song can transport to a different time, event, or a dreamlike fiction transporting you into whoever you wish you could be for the length of the song. Growing up I was very angry; furthermore, I listened to metal closing my eyes to picture myself fighting. These days I listen to trap beats and dubsteps to transport into a dream of dancing at a club. I picture drinking with friends, and being the life of the party. IBS doesn't allow me to drink much at all. If I drink it's about a 3 drink max, and it still puts me in pain the next 2 days or more. Listening to music while gaming leads me into massive kill streaks with the most relaxed game play instead of pushing to get kills they come to me. Days when it's hard to get comfortable I rest the heating pad on my stomach with my headphones on my ears. This has to be my greatest escape from the pain even better when my doctor isn't fighting my use of medical cannabis. If I one recommendation for others dealing with gastro-intestinal disorders it would be to invest in a great heating pad and an awesome set of headphones (or earbuds).

This song sounds like the way I feel when I listen to music! It's (Ruth B original) Abstract- Neverland Go check it out


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Published by Brandon Allday