So this weekend, I spontaneously decided to get tickets for Emergent Sounds Festival, which is a rather small, but absolutely brilliant acoustic festival taking place inside a church in Cologne. After an amazing first evening where I got to see Jamie Lawson, who did not only perform amazingly well, but also turned his set into a bit of a comedy show (“Nailed it! Actually, I probably shouldn’t have said that in church, quite a sensitive topic”), I was back for more the next day.

When I’d briefly looked up some of the musicians performing at the festival before, I’d instantly loved Jerry Williams, but as soon as she went on stage and started playing, I was completely obsessed.

Her music is influenced by artists like Jake Bugg, Slow Club, Coldplay and Vampire Weekend, which you can definitely tell when listening to it, but that certainly doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have her own style.

One of the reasons Jerry’s songwriting is so special and unique is probably that each one of her songs seems to tell a story or is based on her own experiences, which makes them seem particularly honest and relatable. Her music generally feels very youthful and light, the sort of thing you’d listen to when having a nice picnic with your friends on a warm day in spring. On top of that, her voice is absolutely incredible and will literally make you want to listen to her 24/7.

Jerry is already quite popular in Portsmouth, where she lives and has even been awarded Best Solo Artist for the Portsmouth Guide Awards in 2014, but she’s so incredibly talented that it’s a shame she’s not more well-known outside of her hometown as well (even though I do think that’s only a matter of time).

She’s been writing songs since she was twelve, started playing gigs at 17 and has brought out two EPs so far, but there’s a third one coming out at the end of this week, which I’m already very excited for.

My personal favourite song is probably “A Hairdressers Called Sids”, but every single one of them is so amazing that it’s nearly impossible to pick the best one. So if you think you might enjoy Jerry’s music as well, you can check her out on Spotify or watch some of the live sessions she did on YouTube, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Do let me know what you think when you’ve listened to her and also leave a comment if you know any artists who make similar music! x

Published by Greta K