My days consist of sitting in the passenger seat, held back by a seat belt (and quite frankly, it's for the best, I'd be embarrassing the hell out of my husband with my "chair dancing"). Every now and then, I plug in the ear buds and escape from the bumps in the road and the scenery flying by seems so much more alive; dense forests full of bass, sunlit waters bringing in the treble and mountainous curves and grades become catchy yet meaningful lyrics and my feet begin tapping the floor, my knees bouncing against the seat and then my head starts moving and in some ways, I feel like I'm on one of those carnival rides that blare music to make you forget that the ride you're on was probably put together by a coked up carny at 2 after an 11 hour drive shift and that grating metal sound may or may not be a bolt vibrating lose and this may be the last song you ever hear before the seat you're in flies off its track. Okay, I don't exactly feel our rug is an ill put together carnival ride, but you know that feeling; everything around you is nearly a blur and that music is awesome! I started out this morning in a slightly irritated mood (ate too much salt last night and this puffy skin feeling makes me feel like all the hard work I've been doing to lose weight never even happened). My husband wanted NPR to be his roadtrip soundtrack today and i needed to get lost. So as I set out to begin the few exercises I can do from my chair, I chose a station on Pandora for workout music. I enjoyed the first couple of songs and then David Guetta's "Titanium" came on. I felt this surge through my ears as my blood and pulse seemed to move with the beat and the lyrics. Sia's voice comes through and all at one I see one of those YouTube montage videos of weightloss transformation with my photos. I have a long way to go before that could happen, but that motivation I needed today was wrapped in techno wrapping paper with a silky Sia bow! I hear lyrics meant for someone negative, perhaps a lover? But it's like Sia is singingto me, the me that was doubtful this morning, the me that said I screwed up by eating salt yesterday... fucking salt! And then it's me, me right now, powered by lyrics, by beats that is singing those words and holy shit, I am chair dancing! (My poor husband! ) I'm stuck behind a safety belt but my feet, my legs and my head are free to move and you better believe they are. The only thing stopping me from jumping out of this vehicle and running or dancing like Chris Farley in the scene from Tommy Boy at the gas station (I'm a maniac, yo!) is that we're rolling 62 mph down the freeway and its like a good 6 feet from my seat to the pavement, I have yet to attempt a fall, tuck and roll and don't think today is the day to give it a whirl. I love music, like all music and have found it to bring me out of a funk, in to memories I wish I could relive and every emotion in between. With the power of a few lyrics and kick ass beats, music can turn my attitude all the way around. So who knows, tonight the truck stop we end our day at may just get a little show as I take my chair dancing to the streets!

Published by Christinaconley