In this era of rapid technology development, it is hard to imagine living without high tech gadgets, smartphones and the access to the Internet. Especially since every day, there is a new gadget out on the market that is made to make your life easier and some of them are really expensive. That makes me wonder, which of them are truly must-have ones? Well, here is the choice of the most useful ones according to the millennials.


Arlo Pro by NETGEAR

This is a handy little gadget to keep an eye on your house at any time or from any place using a simple smartphone app, AppleTV or web browser. It is a wire free security camera that is weatherproof and can be used indoor as well as outdoor. You can even listen in and talk back through the speaker and the microphone and control the siren remotely. This fancy gadget is most definitely perfect for your home to keep it safe when you are away. There's nothing not to love about Arlo pro camera and the plus side is that the price is fair and reasonable. We can say that the Millennials approve!


iRobot Roomba 880 by iRobot

Well, who doesn't want a gadget that cleans your home while you can finally sit down and relax or catch up on your favorite TV show? It is my number one favorite for sure - I usually pre-program it do its magic while I'm at work so that I come home to a clean house. It works on all floor types and because of its size, it can reach all those small places in the back. Ladies, forget about moving furniture to vacuum and let this little one clean for you. I'm not sure how we managed to live before vacuum robot invention, but I'm sure I hated it!


Monolyth smart AC unit by Monolyth

This is by far the best gadget for every modern home nowadays. With Monolyth you can optimize temperature and air quality from anywhere while saving your money on your energy bill! It is an Internet-connected device for your AC unit that makes it smarter and it also remembers the settings and sends push notifications as a reminder. The device monitors indoor and outdoor temperatures, and humidity levels that make it easier to set. An expert team of qualified professionals providing airconditioning services in Sydney even advise using such smart AC unit gadgets to avoid unnecessary expenses and to receive service alerts as soon as the problem pops out so that it can be fixed on time. With this gadget, you will never have to think too much about the weather conditions outside or the temperature inside (what a relief!).


Keypad deadbolt by Schlage

The keypad that will make your home the safest place! It happens more often than never to all of us to forget our keys or lose them. This smart gadget allows you to set the code and become a keyless person. It fits on standard doors and doesn't need any wiring that makes it easy to install as much as it is easy to use. You can change your code anytime you want and that way avoid losing money on changing locks every time you lose your house keys. Us Millennials happen to have a really serious problem with keys that make this gadget perfect for saving our time and money. If everything in life was that easy...


Lightify smart LED light bulbs by Sylvania

Lightify is a revolutionary invention in the home lighting automation! It is controlled by a simple mobile app that you can use wherever you are and that is very easy to setup. The smart LED bulbs fit standard sockets so there is no need for hiring an electrician. The best thing about them is that you can even change the color of the light so that it goes well with your interior decor or you can dim them for a more romantic atmosphere. These bulbs use almost 90% less energy than the usual incandescent bulbs and basically, they are saving your money. This gadget is definitely a very smart choice for your modern home.


After reviewing these smart gadgets and their apps, I can say with confidence that they are a must have choices for a 21st century millennial home. Not only they will make your life easier but also are very practical, budget-friendly hi-tech gadgets. And they really do look pretty neat.

Published by Victoria Lim